Who is Cody Simpson dating? Cody Simpson girlfriend, wife Who is Cody Simpson dating? Cody Simpson girlfriend, wife

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Is it fun to be cocky? You wanna explain it to them, Alan?

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Sorry, MapQuest took us on a really crazy route. Do you do weddings here? Although none of you could articulate how it happened.

And the nurse will be in here in a minute.

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Well, there has to be an explanation. Do you know if the hotel's pager-friendly?

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You said recently that Anne Frank could have been a Belieber. Alan, did you just eat sofa pizza? Using of the Rogaine, check.

I'm not surprised you don't remember anything.

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I wanna make sure I never, ever miss out on a Halley's Comet. I'm just saying, he's still got it. Apparently I'm a guy who marries complete strangers. We don't have much of a choice. Let's think this through.

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You came in with a mild concussion, some bruised ribs. I'm a huge fan. You kept saying how sick the wedding was and getting all crazy about it.