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The particles are nanoparticles or microparticles or mixtures thereof, made preferably by sol-gel method. Acid cleaning compositions using toxicologically-acceptable ingredients for treating food such as produce, e.

The method includes steps of applying a bleaching and antimicrobial composition to laundry in a laundry washing machine at a first pH that favors bleaching properties and at a second pH that favors antimicrobial properties, wherein the first pH and the second pH are different, and draining the bleaching and antimicrobial composition from the laundry.

The compositions of the invention may be used in personal care products such as creams or soap products.

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A lubricating composition comprising an oil of lubricating viscosity, 1 to parts per million by weight of titanium in the form of an oil-soluble titanium-containing material, and at least one additional lubricant additive provides beneficial effects on properties such as deposit control, oxidation, and filterability in engine oils.

A method of treating the surface of a metal base which is conducted prior to cationic electrodeposition coating and is used for improving throwing power in the cationic electrodeposition coating a metallic material treated by the surface treatment method and a method of coating this metallic material.

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The coating enables the immobilization of particles having a particle size Yuya ozeki dating sim less than 0. The step of applying a bleaching and antimicrobial composition to laundry can include a step of washing the laundry with a detergent composition for the removal of soil.

A benefit agent encapsulated in a particulate-based encapsulant, and a method of manufacturing the encapsulated benefit agent, are disclosed.

The present invention provides an aqueous bleaching composition comprising from about 1.

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The second tubular member has a column strength when locked within the first tubular member for limiting retraction of the second tubular member relative to the first tubular member during puncture of the tissue by the needle. The compositions are useful for application to the topical or mucosal surfaces preferably in the form of creams, gels, lotions, dry powders, spray, foam and other suitable Yuya ozeki dating sim.

An oral composition capable of identifying a condition within the oral cavity by causing a visual contrast between the condition and the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity has at least one disclosing agent.

The invention relates to a material composed of at least one spin transition compound.

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Gelification is an important topic in many types of consumer products today, such as foods, cosmetical or medical products but also in paints or adhesives. In addition, the step of applying a bleaching and antimicrobial composition to laundry can preceed or follow a step of washing laundry with a detergent composition for the removal of soil.

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The present invention relates to a process for preparing, starting from a slag material, a filler for construction materials which contain bitumen or Speed dating oyunu 2 hydraulic binding agent.

Therefore, a percentage of the spent target is reduced by mechanically treating the backside of the spent target, so the refurbished sputtering target has a consistent quality.

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The distal extremity of the second tubular member is provided with a needle that is extendable from the distal extremity of the first tubular member. A method for the preparation of solid detergents includes combining 0.

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