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Cancer treatment can affect the health of young survivors, who face issues from fertility concerns to early menopause.

Each person also has his or her own individual comfort level when discussing the disease. This loss of confidence can make it harder to pursue a relationship.

Consider What You Want in a Partner

It's simple, and kind of reads like one of those cliche instagram memes. Adoption can also be a great option for survivors who wish to have kids, but can't have a biological child.

Just ask, well, anyone.

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That could be an issue. And while numerous online dating services have popped up over the last decade, one sticks out above the rest when you're talking cancer. However, with my shirt off, I'll go ahead and say, at some angles I look like I survived a wolf attack.

Some survivors finish treatment and never look back. Physical Insecurities - "That's just a scar from saving an elderly lady from a wolf attack.

Your heart is right to seek solace in another. Many cancer survivors worry that a potential partner may fear a future with them because of the possibility of a cancer recurrence.

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At these moments, no matter how much I try to judge others by their character, I cannot help but judge harshly myself on physical grounds. Back to top Address Body-Image Issues Cancer treatment can leave scars, impact mood, decrease desire, and alter sexual function, leaving you feeling insecure and uncomfortable with your body.

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Start to rebuild your confidence by reminding yourself what you have to offer a potential partner and the traits you value most about yourself. Would you date a cancer survivor? Trust me, I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knew a guy, who had dating issues because of infertility.

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I must do that. Infertility - "So, about the baby thing I would like to get special offers by email to improve my chances to find best matches I have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

As Dating lahore pakistan cancer survivor, though, there can be plenty Young cancer survivors dating other issues added into the mix.

I will not be this person if I don't let myself become him, but he is a part of me nonetheless. The right person won't care that you forget a bit too much. I also agree to receive flirts, messages, account updates and special offers targeted to your interests, sent to you by Cancer Survivor Dating.

I've had a girlfriend, I've had a girlfriend, srisko, and she was great--caring, understanding, and comfortable with me as a survivor and an amputee.

At these moments, I am not the man who can return a hug, but rather the man who can only offer half an embrace, who will hold your hand only if you walk at my left side.

Young women age who have completed treatment for breast cancer. There are plenty of people who battle cancer and go on to find romance and love. They visit me more so lately than ever before--I've moved to a new place for graduate school, itself a lonesome endeavor; I live alone; I've developed a crush on a new friend without knowing why: What is Your Age My age is: Whatever the case may be, many survivors often have some element of anxiety in their lives about the future and their health.

Remember, going to a social event can be just that — Young cancer survivors dating chance to get out and enjoy yourself, nothing more.

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The service is free, run by a handful of cancer survivors, and aimed at providing a comfortable and fun environment for members to connect with others who can "relate.

Just know that you're not the only one who has ever felt isolated, heartsick, or desperate as a result of your cancer. Go ahead and make your profile, add in some pictures, and a description about yourself. When should I talk about my condition?