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At the end of this segment, Hyatt chimes in, noting that it's already a musical with Hyatt's enigmatic personality, it may be variant 4 or 5, though. Since much of the humor is a product of the s, the collections will include "context pages" to help explain the cultural and political references to anyone born after the Reagan administration.

Not wanting to have to explain the joke was a huge factor in Breathed's decision to let the collections go out of print and not release any further reprintings. Bakura in Episode Yes, I would because I As a bisexual, homoromantic, semi-hypersexual, pro-polyamory woman, I can say with a surety that it is an important component of my sexual identity.

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The area between the blue and red lines shows where you are the older partner in the half-age-plus-seven calculation, while the area between the black and blue lines shows where you are the younger partner. Haha, see, it's funny, because I'm making a 'peace' sign!

Agemegos March 30, at 1: Granted, this was alternate universe Joe, but Joe in his squad 48 days was about as mature as Joe now, so meh.

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She might snap and freak out at any moment. I understood the unspoken subtext of the conversation. Remmington Steele March 30, at 4: Man, that is one girl I'd like to play card games with.

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Of course, all the debate over it ended up boosting Larson's circulation. Comic Books The Batman Adventures: The thing is, Magneto, it was not so long ago you were trying to kill us in a murderous rage.

This is a regular part of Norm's comedy. A footnote immediately explains that the same guy plays Sonic on the then currently running Sonic cartoons. Justified because these are, in-universe, seen as exceptionally obscure and only funny to manga enthusiasts.

In one Bloom County strip, Steve Dallas, who is representing Bill the Cat, who has been arrested for selling secrets to the Soviets, asks a guy at the FBI building just what these secrets were Keep in mind, the strip was released before Information from its description page there is shown below.

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Because of that, it might be born out of necessity to explain the background of the Meadowcrats Les Moore March 30, at 5: Examples include Steven Wright who already has a notably slow deliveryRon WhiteJimmy Carrand Daniel Tosh his trademark involves explaining a particularly complicated or obtuse joke.