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When Serena is unable to find the perfect present for Dan, Vanessa volunteers to help her create a 3D winter wonderland display for Dan at Rufus' art gallery.

She later confronts him at the annual van der Bilt polo match and then enters into a relationship with Scott.

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She encourages him to do what he thinks is best and he takes her advice, deciding not to go. Knowing this is true, Vanessa pins the whole thing on Jenny. He stops by the gallery and the two hang out. Production[ edit ] The series was renewed for a fourth season on February 16, Shortly after she and Dan exchanged vows, however, Gossip Girl's narrative voice returned as the camera panned to a new crop of high school students.

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She creates a dress with no lining so Vanessa's undergarments will be exposed to everyone and gives it to her. Annoyed at being blackmailed, Blair enlists Chuck to seduce and humiliate Vanessa.

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Serena invites Dan and Vanessa to stop by and they do. The 4th episode had an 18—49 rating of 1.

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Juliet takes photos of herself with cocaine and drugs Serena, causing Lily to believe Serena had gone off the rails again and has her committed to the Ostroff center. Knowing her mother, Gabrieladoesn't understand why she's at a private university, Vanessa invites her to come and hear her toast.

However, Blair becomes angry at Vanessa; as she worked out a deal to get Catherine to pay off the Archibald debt in exchange for her silence. Michael Boatman and Tika Sumpter guest-starred in episodes airing in Since both of them are tormented souls and aspiring artists, Vanessa feels they're meant to be together.

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Once there, she is able to convince Juliet to go along with her but Blair is able to drown the evidence before the dean sees the photos. Vanessa appeared in 69 episodes.

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Charlie returns to Miami where a shocking twist is revealed: She advises him not to act on his feelings unless he's sure she is the one he wants Whos dating jessica szohr be with because their friendship won't survive another heartbreak. They then begin a friends with benefits relationship and begin dating in The Sixteen Year Old Virgin.

Vanessa then steals the USB they're stored on and plans to tell Dean Reuther about them at the ballet.

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Dan also revealed that his little sister, Jenny Humphrey Taylor Momsenhad known about his secret identity for years and even used the Gossip Girl site to inflate her own profile at the Constance Billard School for Girls.

At the party, she is confronted by Catherine, who threatens to tell the FBI where Nate's dad is hiding if he leaves her. Blair must make a choice between the men in her life when her life is in danger by Russell. Club reviewed the direction of the fourth season following the fourth-season premiere.

Ed Is "Madly in Love": The next day, Vanessa and Olivia each begin to become possessive over Dan.

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She tells him that the book is incredible and he needs to get it published. He said he would return Whos dating jessica szohr the same capacity of Michelle Trachtenberg to Exo dating rumors in cause some trouble then leave again.

When she confronts him about what he said before she left, he replies that he no longer has feelings for her as he's with Serena.

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Charlie befriends Georgina, who has uncovered a secret about her. Boatman played Russell Thorpe, a powerful business tycoon and a former associate of Chuck's father, Bart, while Sumpter portrayed his daughter, Raina. Soon after, he asks Vanessa to go to another party of Blair's with him and she agrees to go.