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So yes, Asa is in a serious relationship with… Jermaine Jackson Jr! And she's finally admitting she may have had a few tweaks.

Another bit of tea about Asa?

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You want your life on TV, but not your real-real life? And it takes a lot to make Lilly fabulous. She and Jermaine have met each other's families and are serious enough to consider marriage.

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And because she doesn't want reality TV drama negatively affecting their coupledom. Moving on, new Shahs star Lilly Ghalichi is convinced everyone the world over is jealous of her fabulous.

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And he no want to be on Bravo. Asa told Saudi arabia dating that we may catch a glimpse of Jermaine in an upcoming episode or two of Shahs, but don't expect their relationship to be front and center in the storyline.

Smart girl, that one, but isn't that kinda like having your cake and eating it too? Even though Asa's parents weren't rich, as she told us last season, they moved to a small apartment in the school district so she could attend one of the nation's best public high schools — and use all her learnings to become a pop sensation!

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Asa Soultan Rahmati has been publicly admitting her money struggles, her identity struggles to be a Persian Pop Preistess or not? As in Michael Jackson's nephew!

And he was also her date to the Bravo Upfront Awards.

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Apparently one reason Lilly is admitting to what she's um… changed is for the children! Taking to her personal blogLilly clears up what she has and hasn't done to her body. Rhinoplasty once Lilly says she doesn't plan on any other procedures right now and admits she had her nips and tucks done at a young age when she was "insecure" about her looks.

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Apparently Asa isn't hiding her relationship from anyone Which jackson is dating asa the cameras. By all means I am not advocating young girls or anyone to get plastic surgery.

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I guess when the famewhoring bug bites you all hell breaks loose! One thing she's been completely tight-lipped about, however, is her love life! But Tamara Tattles has discovered that Asa is very much part of a relationship that she is choosing not to air on the show because her beau is of very famous lineage!

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After graduation the two lost touch and then reconnected about two years ago and things have been going strong ever since.

I think that sets a poor example for young girls.

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