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As well as the year-old teacher, 15 of her 16 students - all first graders - were shot dead several times. Police still have not determined what drove the reclusive Lanza, who was said to have mental and emotional problems - possibly Asperger's syndrome - to murder 27 people on December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut.

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Though it has never been confirmed Lanza has the disorder, many who knew his mother Nancy - who was his first victim after he shot her in the face at their home - said she struggled with his mental problems.

Fox News reports that Adam Lanza was jealous that his mother may have loved the students at Sandy Hook more than him. The shooting of Miss Rousseau's car, and her subsequent murder, raises questions about whether the teacher was specifically targeted.

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Some patients with Aspergers have a high sensitivity to loud noises. Police are looking into whether he targeted Miss Rousseau, whose classroom was his second stop after killing the principal and the school psychologist in the front office.

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This practice of 'topping up' is common in violent video games - where magazines are in unlimited supply and a gamer's worst fear is running out of bullets in the midst of a firefight.

Police say they are investigating whether Lanza frequently played military-style games like the popular Call of Duty, which puts assault rifles like the one Lanza was firing in the hands of users.

Lanza wore earplugs, leaving police baffled about why he would protect his hearing when he knew he was going to die Or, chillingly, it could have been to block out the screams of his innocent victims.

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Previous reports have said Lanza may have targeted the school because his mother, Nancy Lanza, was volunteering there.

It is believed Lanza opened fire on several cars in the parking lot, including the vehicle belonging to Miss Rousseau. Share this article Share It has also been suggested that the ear plugs could have been a matter of habit as his mother often took him shooting at indoor ranges where hearing protection is mandatory.

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Though they have not said how many rounds he fired as he made his bloody rampage through the school, police did say that he frequently changed the round magazines on his assault rifle - even though some still had up to 15 shots remaining.