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The universe first slowed down as the inward pull of matter dominated over the relatively mild outward push of dark energy. Could quantum effects be creating dark energy?

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Astronomy enabled experiments through which the answers could be found. Specific actions need to be stated so we will all know what he is apologizing for.

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Those outer stars seemed to be pulled by far more gravity than could be accounted for by adding up the contributions of the visible stars. InSchmidt, Riess and Perlmutter shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for groundbreaking measurements revealing that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

Then inflation would seize hold, ripping apart these now almost-identical patches and flinging them to the opposite ends of the sky, solving the mystery of why the universe looks the same in every direction.

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So when particle physicists talk shop, they use energy rather than matter. As the cosmos expanded, matter gradually spread out, and its gravitational What does dating down mean weakened, hitting a balance with dark energy about 5 billion years ago, causing the expansion to coast at a steady rate for a while, neither accelerating nor slowing down.

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Beyond choosing among the multitude of possibilities for the origin of dark energy, experiments may also help answer the question that fascinated Perlmutter, Schmidt and Riess in He had to build a machine that turned the energy of an elevated weight into heat, and then was careful to keep track of exactly how much of the first form of energy was lost and how much of the second was gained.

Two points at the opposite extreme limits of the sky — 14 billion light-years to the north horizon and 14 billion light-years to the south horizon — are as far as we can see.

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These deep philosophical questions led Perlmutter into astronomy in the first place. The useful thing about energy, and the only reason anyone ever even bothered to name it, is that energy is conserved.

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