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What do you do when your sister is dating your ex, what to say

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I have no idea how to get over her. That news man was right, you are very good and I can see why so many conning people hate you and hid behind phony names and websites.

5.You Gave Up Your Life

I slept well that night with my arms propped up on a pile of pillows either side of me, to help prevent any swelling, and was advised to avoid driving and heavy lifting for a week.

One day she told me her boyfriend who i would call James and he broke up about a some months ago and she still loved him and wanted him. They broke up and she dated another man, whom which she had sex with. I poured my hurting heart out to her and she was an amazing bf.

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She hits on my friends, she treats me horribly in my own house and it straight up hurts. He is the jerk that should feel bad, not you. She says those are not important to her. But she realized she liked my crush. He broke up with me, and while it seemed to be good idea, because I was suffering too from the bad things in the relationship, I had no intention of letting go just yet.

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Or do I let it ride its course and help him pick up the pieces? I had a friend to cut me loose in my time of need and that was exactly what I needed.

The 6 Things You Need to Know in Order to Let Your Ex Go

Pray I did and cry I did. Jade xx tomsterbby October 5, at 5: You can get him back, but you need to know a few things. I'm now with someone alot better who keeps me happy and stable and we've been together for over a year and a half.

So before judgement or advice is casted on her or me, here's about me.


Even though the effects of her breaking my heart have left me unemployed, alone, and hopeless, it makes me feel better to know she is happy!

So I planned to move to NC. I apologized and asked for forgiveness and cried a bucket of tears. At age 16, she was dating and this was her first. Your ex should not have pics of his or her ex.

1. Your ex maintains contact with you when they don’t have to.

So yesterday I find out they have been flirting and that made me mad. We lived together for eight years then sold our house and planned to go our seperate ways. This is where my bff stepped in.

And we were doing things like a family would do things.

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However, she started to move distant with me. And if he already knows you have moved on and there is someone else in your life, does he keep bringing it up? I know the answer to her quesiton of "would you give her up to be with me?

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I feel so betrayed, hurt and used by him. Isn't it a bit fishy that he doesn't wanna get rid of them or is it really about his daughter. About eight months ago, I discovered that my husband of 11 years was having an affair with my next door neighbor and so called friend of five years.

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Do not tell her she'll snap out of this.