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Well pump hook up, determine which submersible pump is right for your well.

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When I see stuff like your response, it lets me know that it's worth the effort. I have a Dayton 1HP V, I replaced the motor 5 years ago and kept the old impeller, maybe my error.

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I put on heavy neoprene gloves and guided the works out over the barrel as my wife drove the rider. You have convinced me that although I am willing ready and able - I am going to be seeking professional help. I just finished replacing my locked-up submersible this weekend and your pictorial was very helpful.

If so, were there any improvements you could recommend to the ible?

Model # J100A3

Be careful because you are working with electricity and if you are not up for the job then do not attempt! Tips on how to pull a well pump Sometimes, removing and replacing well pump takes and needs quality time and effort, so be patient when doing it.

Does this sound about right? You're the reason I went from "I have no water and I can't afford to fix it" to "I think I can do this" Best of all it's totally free!

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The poly pipe is connected onto the top of the pump with a pipe clamp and the safety rope is fastened at the designated point with a series of knots reinforced with plastic ties. Fantastic step by step, and good photos. My question is I can not see the nameplate on the motor without pulling it.

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Anyway, my well is better than it's ever been before, and I know an entirely new set of skills as a result!! I started my apprenticeship under my father at age 13 and earned a journeyman level in my early 20s.

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I too lucked out and my pitless adapter was in fine shape. There is nothing on it now. It absolutely saved my day.

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Max overcurrent if anything on chillers and stuff like that. How to Pull a Well Pump Step by Step Posted on by admin Pulling and replacing a submersible water well pump is easy if you know how to pull a well pump.

We added one step.

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However, before viewing your write-up, I had no idea where to start as I've never dealt with a rural well before. I know that you mentioned that you tested your water, and I think that's really important - I was really surprised that my well failed when we've never had a problem with it before. There is a sticker on the old tank.

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Now I understand a lot more of the make-up of the well and have an idea what I'm in for. Not looking forward to that.