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Click here for the complete recap of this week January 10 to 14, After getting Bo to look at Mrs. Second male lead Li Yi Feng is a natural at acting. She arrives at a luxury hotel where she works in the cleaning staff. It was her way of letting off tension, and it worked because she was then able to pick herself back up and go back on set and nail her scenes.

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Back on the beach, Tan looks up and notices Eun-sang on the boardwalk with her suitcase, looking out of place.

Madam Han orders a replacement wine bottle sent to her room, forgoing dinner: John implied to Natalie that she should leave Cristian. When 10th Prince was forced to marry Ming Yu, thereby losing out on his chance to pursue Ruo Xi, it turned out to be the best thing for him.

Jessica thought Cristian was the one harassing her and after a note to stay away from Antonio, Antonio decided to stay at Llanfair to keep an eye on her. Natalie got Cristian to open up about his visions and voices he hears, but he also worried John might be right that he was a danger to Natalie.

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However, she notes that he probably hates it more, since she is engaged to Kim Tan. Wait, does he think those are drugs? As platonic best friends, storywise their relationship gives Ruo Xi such stability and security in an otherwise dangerous and foreign place.

My reaction to the premiere: While not as large in scope as LoCH, but there she was only the second lead and it was Ariel Lin and Hu Ge that really exhausted themselves making that drama though I argue Yuan Hong as the second male lead of the depth as Yang Kang was as equally taxing as Hu Ge playing Guo Jing.

But after she finds the will, she plans on bringing down the director, her husband and Hyun-Woo. Evangeline and John fought over her using information in the Tico investigation that she overheard by eavesdropping. I find 14th Prince someone who is principled and upstanding, but perhaps not suited to run a country.

What I like most about this episode is how the tone remains so calm and controlled, every scene flowing into the next, every conversation interesting and brisk.

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Chandler's arms but Kelly refused to go back to Kevin if he failed to return the baby to his birth mother. He leans right into her face, and asks whether she really loves him so much. Some of you may find yourself watching a C-drama for the very time first, and a relatively dense historical piece at that, with an attempt to hew close to the Qing Dynasty annals recorded history of the 9-Prince-Battle for the throne.

Todd managed to call the penthouse where Jack answered but when Blair grabbed the phone, Margaret silenced Todd with a choke hold. The subordinate reminds him that he works so late and arrives so early its hard for the cleaning staff to clean during his few off hours.

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Eun-sang bursts out that unni was her last hope in this goddamned miserable world, and that she was just hanging in there with mom waiting for her to come back.

Cristian also remembered killing Tico but kept that to himself. Marcie cancelled her book tour to support Michael.

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Yun Chao calmly tells them that he will continue with the project. Candid, cheerful, bumbling, kind, like an open book. He warns her again NOT to let him see her cleaning his office.

She takes everything and leaves. He sincerely supported Ruo Xi marrying 8th Prince and was quite angry on behalf of 8th Prince when Ruo Xi rejected him. If they got married out of convenience, it would gradually corrode their friendship, plus Ruo Xi would need to spend 10 years under house arrest with him.

I never imagined that my wedding would take place under these circumstances. Tan sits at a cafe and is served by a waitress who speaks to him in Korean. She supposes she can wait here till unni shows, and he points out exasperatedly how very naive that is.

So basically HongShi shippers went to town because it meant HongShi must be in the same room at the time.

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With that said, my recaps will be on the Taiwan airing schedule, which means one new episode airs every Sunday currently two episodes have aired, and both times led the ratings in its time slot. They accuse each other of being bullies, with neither willing Are parenthood stars dating budge.

Bo tracked down Ace.