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Derniers de la liste, les australiens de Darklord. The first three bands are from France and the other is from Australia.

D'ailleurs, je m'en vais me retaper un petit Darklord. I don't know what's G's logic in this, but the fourth participant of the compilation comes in the form of Autralian Darklord's demo tape from Here and there some keyboards for a short time contribute of an more evil atmosphere it is destroyed after seconds, of course.

With a lot of groove, heavyweight riffs and abyssic roaring roll out of the speakers. Bon groupe cela dit! A real personality is completely missed. The tempos change easily and the overall sound is dark with even darker vocals.

Very nice brutal death metal, crushing heavy but quite cryptic sound, thrashing low-tuned guitars with a doomy, slightly melodic vibe, pounding doublebass drumming, some mid-tempos, some blastings, very throaty vocals Seul hic, ces titres datent de Sometimes are supported by stabbing solos and delicate keyboards background.

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Le split se finit sur Darklord, des australiens qui pratiquent un style particulier: Tel est le mot qui qualifie le mieux ces quatre titres. Lyrics are apparently written in french, which is a nice change Amethyste are featured with 3 long tracks. Well, expect for the intro: Vocals are growling finishing the atmosphere of obscurity.

Everything that follows is only overdriven noise. It is okay but not really for daily madness. Get it directly at the handworker for a cheap price.

Amethyste also hailing from France, continue with brutal deathmetal also managing to cope with slower tempos but with a lot of variation of speed in the guitarriffs. They offer us 4 compositions and this time I have no problems to label the music.

A nice intro makes me looking forward to upcoming things. Les 4 premiers titres sont l'oeuvre de Carmina, groupe de Death metal.

The sound production is fine but still quite obscure-sounding Die vier Tracks vom er Demo gehen komplett in Ordnung und schreien auch hier nach neuen Songs!

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Among the 3 French bands in this split project, I like their song writing, really interesting! Tjis is blasting darkened deathmetal with noisy over the top production and oven dakrer rotten vocals.

The vocals are sparsely to hear, just the drums seemingly are able to keep up.

Carmina play a form of deathmetal with dragging doombringing melodies carried by a lot of double bass drumming. Cependant, ce 4 way split n'a absolument rien d'old school, bien au contraire.

Beginn wir chronologisch mit, genau, Carmina. Nothing wrong with them, but I'm having difficulties to separate them from each others. La vieillesse de ces titres ne leur apporteront pas ici de bonifications. Ohne hetzerisch zu wirken: