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Additional storylines revolve around the other inhabitants of the town, most notably Elena's younger brother Jeremy Gilbert Steven R. InElijah was killed by a cursed rosebush created by The Hollow in order to resurrect herself; since The Hollow was successful in resurrecting herself, it can be assumed that Elijah's sireline died with him.

A vampire in transition is neither truly living nor truly dead until they make their choice to either complete their transition or to abstain from feeding and ultimately die.

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As ofonly three of the six Original vampires-- ElijahKlausand Rebekah Mikaelson — have survived their entire immortal lives as Original vampires without dying and thereby severing this connection, unlike their brothers Kol and Finn, who were killed.

This results in her being drawn into the supernatural world, with the show following her struggles in surviving supernatural events in the town.

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Eventually, he returns to his good-hearted and caring self and reconciles with Elena, but the relationship doesn't last long. He begins to build an army of new "hybrids," which are half vampire and half werewolf. He was Damon Salvatore's cellmate Muslim uk dating sites in the s when the latter was captured by the Augustines.

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Initially serving as Damon's plaything in season 1, which she still hates him for, she has had serious relationships with Matt, Tyler, Alaric, and Stefan, and was long the subject of Klaus's adoration. Cast and characters[ edit ] Ian SomerhalderNina Dobrev and Paul Wesley at PaleyFest Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert seasons 1—6; uncredited voiceover season 7; guest season 8[9] whom the series follows as she falls in love with Stefan, and later leaves him after leading everyone to believe he was her true love, for his brother, Damon Salvatore, creating a love triangle.

Kayla Ewell as Vicki Donovan season 1; recurring seasons 2—3, 5, 8the drug-addicted sister of Matt. A human who has consumed vampire blood in some way whether by drinking it, having it poured into their open wound, or by being injected with it and has subsequently died with the blood in their system will be magically revived as an undead vampire, just like the vampire who sired them.

That night, my father offered us wine laced with blood. In the season 5 finale, he is returned to being just a werewolf. Ewell left the show after the first season but has appeared as a guest in multiple seasons since.

Vampire In Transition Main article: During season 3, Klaus began to develop feelings for Caroline and falls in love with her. Neurotic but lovable, Caroline has been the love interest of many of the male characters.

In July Roerig made headlines when he petitioned for full custody of his 2-year-old daughter.

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Jeremy is killed in season 4 after Katherine throws him onto Silas, who drains his blood. In the series finale Elena is awoken and she ends up choosing Damon in the series finale and they live a long and happy life together, earning her happy ending. Once they arrived, they settled in a village that would eventually became modern-day Mystic FallsVirginia, and gave birth to four more children: Jo becomes pregnant and they plan to marry, but she is murdered by Kai at their wedding.

In the episode "Man on Fire," Enzo shut off his humanity and then Stefan Salvatore ripped out his heart. It is has also been proven that this bloodline connection can be broken using magicas the Harvest Witch Davina Clairewith some assistance from The Strix 's coven known as The Sistersused a spell that Davina created to break the sireline of an Original in an attempt to free all of Klaus and Elijah 's sirelings from their progenitors.


Katherine sporadically appeared in subsequent seasons and played a significant role in the fifth season. Despite being broken up, the two put aside their differences to film the very steamy season 5 premiere episode. The pair was allegedly spotted holding hands at an event in April, but Swenson shot down the romance rumors on Twitter.

Vampires are one of the many known supernatural species in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals universe that were created by Witches. He was turned into the first successful hybrid by Klaus.

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They begin dating in season 4, and continue to date with some breakups along the way until Elena is put into her deep sleep at the end of season 6.

Later in the series, Stefan reverts to his old ways as a Ripper to save Damon from a werewolf bite and his role becomes more antagonistic, especially after he is forced to turn his humanity off.

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Additionally, the blood need not be from a live human; Caroline Forbes and Esther Mikaelson while possessing Lenore both completed their transitions by feeding on donor bags of human blood and Vicki Donovan completed her transition by drinking from the newly-deceased Logan Fellwho would then awaken a short time later to find himself in transition as well.

He is mostly thought of as selfish and manipulative, but later on in the series, he begins to display a more caring side. When the Mikaelson children awakened, Mikael forced them to feed on the blood of a girl from their village, turning the six of them into the first immortal beings to exist since Silas and Amara became truly immortal in the 1st century BC, as well as the first known vampires to ever exist.

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However, in this case, "human blood" can include the blood of a human witchas was proven by Alaric Saltzman and Camille O'Connellwho both completed their transformations by drinking the blood of witches Bonnie Bennett and Vincent Griffithrespectively.

Meredith Fell, were not love interests on-screen, but the two were definitely lovers off-screen.