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Unlight the continuum hypothesis, the continuum hypothesis lyrics

Thus, Epoch of Unlight breaks the mold, and they do it in more ways than one.

album: "The Continuum Hypothesis" (2004)

Impulsive drive to categorize the time invariant night Misapplied derivatives convoluted in pride End point limitations to a limitless existence Folding back the edges to a point at which I claim A furtive move to elude the frozen barbs of times So washed away, the minor player in his role in mine As guided through another's fate to seek the path forgotten So guided through another's fate to seek the path verboten And in it all a piece of me!

Fresh walls of cement and kneblasch permeate Premature satisfaction as the hunters As vessel to her will! My favorite sequence is probably the most diverse any band could put together in the three song span.

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Just get ready to part with a large chunk of it, as you will be hooked. All these circumstances caused a big gap between the previous offering Caught in the Unlight and The Continuum Hypothesis.

I will have to admit I have overlooked this band and The Continuum Hypothesis is my first introduction to Epoch of Unlight.

The chaos derives from twin guitar tracks, split full left and right in the mix, apparently both laid down by Josh Braddock. Celtic melody can be woven into blastbeats Argentum Era Scui Duosand something with the obvious and playful melody can shift and sound epic all of the sudden Aberrant Shadows.

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Atheist in progressive spirit, late era Death in music technicality, Kreator in intensity and early Dark Tranquillity as the closest sounding reference — Epoch of Unlight deserves your listening time with The Continuum Hypothesis.

Having changed the moniker twice before settling with on the current one, Epoch of Unlight also turned over personnel quite often. But with the release of "The Continuum Hypothesis" the band has corrected the misstep and taken yet a further step forward.

Blinding Infinities the naught becomes the norm Receding boundaries to night's apprentice A claim laid, now lies in wait A call, a call to those that might!

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A wider entrance with narrowed neck closing in the gap With me alone at gantlet's head to lead in the attack! Careless youths caution less Indurate Rhythm section of Epoch of Unlight is unbelievably complex and progressive, yet the interspersed melodies do not get overshadowed and compositions on the whole flow well.

To pigeonhole Epoch of Unlight is a futile task as on Highgate they remind of Dark Tranquillity Skydancer-era and The End of All brings atmospheric sweep picking of black metal.

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Nothing is amateur, however, about musicianship on The Continuum Hypothesis. The album teeters on the brink of chaos at times, but always rescues the listener by returning to a riff that's catchy and familiar. For tonight we strike!

The band dabbles in harmony Broken Pendulum and has hints of the early Gothenborg style Highgate. Positioned somewhere between a growl and a gurgle, his latter approach does not fit the music well in my modest opinion.

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The untilled planes of higher thought-a waste in midnight sky Silver beams on eddied streams the foolish wish to cross The arrogance of ignorance while another watches on Days to weeks as months will span The epoch lengths of mortal man To further seek the all A flawed approach to reason what has wandered must be lost Set upon a legions task with barely light of sun A dimming mind in motion is as clay to one more skilled Providing folly for the one that was caught from within Layer upon layer unbound in time and space-seeking the naught within the all A Looking glass spanning what was and is to be And in it all a piece of me!

Tony LoSicco is simply stunning, as he manages to bob and weave his complex drumming without becoming too flashy and distracting from the music. EoU's sound is a bit like Gothenburg metal run one time through a meat grinder.

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And so it begins again. Flashes of the fleshy cumulus as all is made ready Time is time and in its stream The paths of those long gone Cease to mark the others fall As sapience fades away Like the pull of the moon to the flow of the tide Others try to lay claim led by her elusive lure Shadows of my former self before I championed night Forces en masse Unmasked in the black yet star-bleached sky, without grace of her guide In the southern pass beyond the barrier foothills forging the claystone divide A foolish party, enrapt to she, would seek to claim her spoils Delectation for the one, as this scene in time unfolds.

Not to be heard, not to be seen another quest in darker dreams A slate devoid of yesterday now makes his way Deeper through the catching limbs the forest path seems closing in Footsteps on the foreign trail fall by vestigial engram "Eternal return into the night Disambiguation in the Unlight" Stranger here, yet stranger still the underlying pull of will The source of a recursive force since the dawn of time Ineffably at Haven's end, the fading rays as light rescinds Sets the stage once again for the final act "Confrontation, the two arrive The dichotomy embodies the whole and provides the key Gathering on a starless night as in times of old Always the endless struggle played out the same A never-ending conflict across infinite planes Across Infinite planes.

Anything but straightforward, I have actually enjoyed deciphering the songs on The Continuum Hypothesis.

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With The Continuum Hypothesis the band created their own unique brand of thrash metal music with a blackened tinge. Was what she said unto thee. The interplay between the two is Online dating playing it cool, whether working together to craft vivid harmonies, or trading off phrases in a mad syncopation.

From the north we move as three In motion under one One third to lay the channeled net, one third to flush them out One third to block any escape or return them into route.

While mixing levels are good, and allow each musician to showcase his obvious skills, the end result does feel a little amateur. Decaying murmurs in melee's end, silence in the pale Moonlight!