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I'll tell you what is reality, though: I typically get verbally berated and "punished" for another man's rejection at least twice a week. When I do introduce a client to the veritable man of her dreams, if her feelings aren't reciprocated which is the possibility with all dating situationsshe is upset with me, the Top matchmaking services nyc who introduced her to this "perfect" man.

Just as I can't make someone meet a person he or she is not attracted to or interested in, I cannot foster chemistry between two people.

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What most people witness as they watch the heavily embellished matchmaker stories on reality shows is not remotely close to reality: While I might introduce her to her dream man, she might not be his "dream woman. Those who cover all bases, say yes to invitations they might often decline, delve out of their comfort zone, try a new activity or experience at least once a week, give that nice but not amazing first date a second chance, smile often, make eye contact, throw away their proverbial list of a mate's requirements, give their card to that cute stranger who caught their eye at a Starbucks They run recreational social leagues for singles.

I should have known it was a bad idea when I was called by New York City's most iconic matchmaker to have lunch so she could welcome me into the business. Most matchmaking clients are "normal," average people.

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I was helping people in much the same way that I did in the fitness industry, but the focus was helping them find the love they sought and deserved. I am simultaneously aggravated, outraged and bewildered by this woman's allegations and her lack of awareness of what truly transpired.

I moved to NYC with a girlfriend after having sold my successful med-spa and fitness businesses in Philadelphia.

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I continued to commute to Philly to work with some longtime fitness clients. The experiences and situations that ensued are truly much, much stranger than fiction. What I didn't anticipate was the downside of this business and the price I've paid being in the public eye while trying to do my best to fulfill clients' often unrealistic expectations.

I was recently slapped with a lawsuit, riddled with lies Best dating sites delhi wrongly slandered and defamed in very public media outlets by such a client.

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If I had that ability, I'd be richer than Bill Gates. So when my girlfriend woke up one morning and half-jokingly said she did not want to be married to Jack Lalanne and had this idea for me to become the first male matchmaker that dealt exclusively with woman clients for a new career, I balked but was open to starting something new.

I coach my clients, work to instill confidence in them, arrange makeovers, go shopping with them, approve outfits, craft and edit emails and texts to respond to the person they are dating or want to date, teach effective flirting techniques, play wingman, augment their online dating profiles to bring out the best in who they are.

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Most of my clients are successful women, highly educated, attractive, and genuinely interested in meeting a lifelong partner. It is not easy to find, but I truly think each person deserves to find love, and I'll continue to forge ahead despite the naysayers and critics, the defamatory remarks, the bogus lawsuits.

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While I seriously considered throwing in the towel, she convinced me that this is the type of unfortunate thing that happens when you are in the public eye and developing a thick skin is vital. What has made it so disheartening for me is the clients who refuse to participate in bettering themselves and opening up their criteria.

She had an aversion to balding men and insisted after viewing numerous pictures of him at different angles that I meet the guy in person and literally run my fingers through his hair to evaluate his follicle condition. When I tried to have a non-confrontational conversation with Rene about her inappropriate behavior, she threatened to tell the papers that I had come on to her and veritably extorted Top matchmaking services nyc, demanding a refund.