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I only look bored. He was starting to wonder where the line was between demon and alien. Clusters of other trainees scattered as Xander came through. Cantone glanced over toward Teal'c. A symbiote will, at times, emerge for air.

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Danny left with Harris. Avoiding hospitalization, sir," Xander answered.

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Sexual references in front of his team… not kosher. Jack figured if he kept this up, his mental repression closet was going to be so full he was going to have to add on a new addition to the brain. He knew what Danny and Harris had done, but that didn't mean he had to say it out loud.

However, orders were orders, and dressed in standard issue sweat pants and shirt, Xander searched out the base gym.


Were you an enemy, I would be handicapped by my need to protect that symbiote. With a laugh, Daniel scooted back on the bed. One well-thrown towel and they could block the camera… unless it had that infrared heat-vision thing, which would definitely make things awkward.

The problem was sorting out one from the other. Patakis looked from Teal'c to Xander and then back again.

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Xander gave any one of them fifteen seconds tops with Buffy before she took out a can of whup-ass. He'd long ago learned that he didn't always notice an injury.

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Xander could respect that. It definitely hit the squick factor, that's for sure.

Tiny harris dating history

The commissary was almost empty and Teal'c came walking across the room with a tray overloaded with food. Sometimes I feel like me and the military are definitely unmixy. This group is more flexible in their thinking," Teal'c observed.

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She was way more than a friend, but a lot of that bonding and love came from a mutual dedication to stopping the Armageddon of the week, and he really didn't want to go there. Xander saw confusion dart across Cantone's face.


He admired the hell out of Daniel, but he still wanted to murder him on a semi-regular basis. While he was distracted with that, Xander struck out with a foot, aiming high enough to avoid breaking the knee.

Xander could taste it. And hopefully he hadn't done something stupid like groan out Danny's name. Marines and Rangers and Bad-Asses oh my. Or the battlefield," Xander quickly corrected himself.

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I mean, Jaffa in general. If nothing else, having you sort texts into primary god references would be helpful. A dishwasher simply did not worry about enemy tactics and battle psychology.

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Right now, he just wanted to fall back asleep before Daniel could show up with more books. Not one little bit. The man stiffened but didn't move while Teal'c made his examination.

Comical in Tiny harris dating history pathetic sort of way, but that was the sort Xander did best. Okay, I feel a ridge.