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Tinder dating rules, #2 how long do you chat?

DO check your shared Facebook connections before deciding to like or pass on someone.

#1 Once You Match, Who Messages First?

Love the Anchorman quote, which Will Ferrell movie is your favorite? Instagram information listed on the profile Kik information listed on the profile Snapchat information listed on the profile School names listed on the profile Location information listed on the profile Any other similar information listed on the profile If you guide other users to personal information that is NOT posted on a tinder profile, you will be banned.

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And stories maybe yours? DO consider getting professional photos of yourself.

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This includes telling them to "Google it. Additionally, other fake profiles like animals, famous people, and memes will be removed, and fake conversations may also be removed. Any sort of witch hunting may be ban worthy. Most people seem to expect to text here and there over days. Others will inevitably string you along for a week or longer.

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This is not a place for bots and advertisements. Personal attacks, slapfights, slurs, and other similar comments are not allowed. Heavy filter usage just makes it seem like you have something to hide. Instead, politely swipe left on people you know… unless you are sincerely interested in something more than friendship.

This subreddit is for screenshots and stories directly relating to tinder. That is likely a spam bot. You go into settings and choose an age range for profiles you want to display. Assuming you intend to meet some of your matches eventually, of course.

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Absolutely no mirror selfies! Rudeness, hatred towards a group or groups of people, and acting like a jerk are prohibited. Mark all NSFW content.

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If not, starting one just for Tinder or OkCupid and force-feeding it staged pictures is probably not the best idea.

No mirror selfies Having one or two selfies in your reel is perfectly acceptable, but there are better ways to take them than using a bathroom mirror. A this point, moderators will remove the following personal information immediately: In most cases, pictures showing you engaged in a highly unpopular activity, or representing a controversial opinion, should be left out of a dating profile.