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Broader application of these approaches will further our understanding of mRNA decay and illuminate its contribution to different biological processes. H7-derived verotoxins, suggesting ET-1 is regulated by post-transcriptional mechanisms.

To aid in the analysis of these experiments, we discuss key characteristics of high-quality experiments and address other experimental and computational considerations for the analysis of mRNA stability.

Secretion of endothelin-1 ET-1 1 from the endothelium signals vasoconstriction and influences local cellular growth and survival.

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April The endothelium regulates local vascular tone and integrity through the coordinated release of vasoactive molecules. Of the many strategies for determining mRNA stability, transcription inhibition and metabolic labeling Thiouridine synthesis proved the most amenable to high-throughput analysis and have opened the door to dissecting mRNA decay transcriptome-wide.

Control of mRNA stability is a key step in gene regulation.

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Please review the contents of the section and add the appropriate references if you can. In the European Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculusrelaxin [9] is associated with squamous differentiation and is expressed in tracheobronchial epithelial cells as opposed to being involved with reproduction.

In the male, it is produced in the prostate and is present in human semen. Thus, for a long time, relaxin was looked at as a pregnancy hormone. Although specific mechanisms directing ARE activity have not been fully elucidated, current models suggest ARE-binding proteins target specific mRNAs to cellular pathways that influence 3'-polyadenylate tail and 5'-cap metabolism.

AUF1 mRNA destabilizing activity has been positively correlated with its level of polyubiquitination and has been shown to interact with a member of the E2 ubiquitin-conjugating protein family.

ET-1 has been implicated in the development and progression of vascular disorders such as atherosclerosis and hypertension. It is known to mediate the hemodynamic changes that occur during pregnancy, such as increased cardiac output, increased renal blood flow, and increased arterial compliance.

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Numerous studies have since provided valuable insight into ET-1 promoter regulation under basal and activated cellular states. Together, the combined actions of ET-1 transcription and rapid mRNA turnover allow for stringent control over its expression.

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During the first trimester of pregnancy, levels rise and additional relaxin is produced by the decidua. Endothelial cells upregulate ET-1 in response to hypoxia, oxidized LDL, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and bacterial toxins.

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Here, we describe experimental and computational methods to determine transcriptome-wide RNA stabilities using both pharmacological inhibition of transcription and metabolic labeling.

Studies with in vitro proteasome preparations suggest that the proteasome itself may possess ARE-specific RNA destabilizing activity. Disorders[ edit ] Specific disorders related to relaxin have not been described, yet a link to scleroderma and fibromyalgia has been suggested.

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One important aspect of post-transcriptional control is the regulation of RNA stability. Synthesis[ edit ] In the female, it is produced by the corpus luteum of the ovarythe breast and, during pregnancyalso by the placentachorionand decidua.

In males, relaxin enhances motility of sperm in semen.

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Abstract Every step in the life cycle of an RNA transcript provides opportunity for regulation. Relaxin's peak is reached during the 14 weeks of the first trimester and at delivery. In humans[ edit ] In females, relaxin is produced mainly by the corpus luteum, in both pregnant [1] and nonpregnant [1] females; it rises to a peak within approximately 14 days of ovulationand then declines in the absence of pregnancy, resulting in menstruation [ citation needed Dating sites darlington.