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In The Matrix, when Neo is taken for the first time into the Matrix after having been unplugged, he goes with Morpheus to meet the Oracle.

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One of the cases becomes jammed, but Kid climbs onto the APU's chassis and kicks it into its slot so Mifune can resume firing.

Sparks[ edit ] Sparks played by Lachy Hulme is the operator and general-purpose crewmember of the Logos in the film The Matrix Revolutions and the video game Enter the Matrix.

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In The Matrix Online, Lock plays an important role for new redpills as they gain reputation for Zion. He appears only in The Matrix. After Mifune is killed during the battle against the Machine army in the Dock, Kid pilots his APU and, with the help of Zeeshoots out the chain holding one of the entrance gates closed.

Tank was tending to the remaining crewmembers when Agents and police attacked them after their return from The Oracle.

This company is one of the top software companies in the world because every single employee understands that they are part of a whole. She repeatedly tells Link that his captain Morpheus is crazy and that because the Nebuchadnezzar spends more time out of Zion than the rest of the fleet, she and Link spend too little time together.

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Because of the immense size and weight of the Mjolnir, captain Roland and his team arrive 'too late' at the frontline. Zee aids the Kid in destroying the counterweights of the access doors on the Zion dock, allowing the Hammer to crash land. As Morpheus and Trinity flee with the Keymaker, several of the Merovingian's henchmen attack Neo, who quickly kills or incapacitates all of them.

During renewed warfare with the Machines after the collapse of Neo's Truce in The Matrix Online, the human citizens of Zion were relocated to a safer location deeper within the earth, referred to as New Zion.

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The Kid's real name, Michael Karl Popper, alludes to philosopher Karl Popperwhose concept of Popperian cosmology is in fact a definition of the Matrix: At the beginning of his story, part of an online conversation he has with Neo is shown, and it appears to foreshadow the risk he takes at the end of the short: His actions lead to Mouse being killed by the police within the Matrix.

Roland was very cynical and unwilling, after having seen the carnage wreaked on the other ships, to assist Neo in his request to take one of the ships to the Machine City, stating 'While I'm captain of this ship, I say where it has to go. He appears to be bureaucratic, taciturn, unimaginative, and uncharismatic; as a result, he is not highly respected by either his subordinates or by the Council.

She first appears at the end of Reloaded, tending to the unconscious Neo and Bane. There is no spoon?

This section does not cite any sources. Cypherite spies compromised the security of Old Zion before it was completely abandoned, allowing Sentinels to overrun the city.

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This differs from redpill inhabitants, particularly his hovercraft crews and their commanders, most of whom are Matrix inhabitants. Roland and the rest of his crew were then considered heroes and the saviors of Zion until Commander Lock accused him of "handing over the docks on a silver Answers to dating questions on grounds that the EMP also destroyed Zion's last defenses and the few remaining APUs who were also defending the docks of Zion.

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In Revolutions, before he leads the corps into battle against the Sentinels, he boosts the troops' morale by saying, "If it's our time to die, it's our time.