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This is not true in the present day world and society. In the Transcendentalist Group Margaret Fuller was a major contributor. The punishment that was given to Hester The scarlet letter essay feminism to wear the scarlet letter on her breast.

Later, the second wave was considered to have blended into the third wave, which are now both continuing on today. Hawthorne makes it very clear the novel is a feminist one by constantly challenging gender roles and exposing a double standard.

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During the Salem witchcraft trials the accused were almost all women with a few exceptions of men being accused. Passion and happiness were considered to be a sin in the Puritan faith.

She was a single mother raising a child all by herself and instilled very strong morals in her daughter Pearl.

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Hester as a woman in a strict Puritan community takes all the blame, Dimmesdale as a man, does not get punished by man-made laws. She had final say as to what the group would put in print for the public; a huge job for a women of the times.

There is, however, some ambiguity in the way Hester appears to react to male authority and the way she actually does react.

Living in a Puritan Society, where they had strict rules that everyone had to abide by, the society showed that men overruled women, and women were subjects to men.

Essay title: The Scarlet Letter - Feminism

The traditional view of a man is strong provider who is honest and hardworking with a good set of morals. The narrator, who is not the same person as the author, is very ambiguous in his telling of the story.

There is a lot of inequality in The Scarlet Letter. A woman never overcomes these problems by any exercise of thought. Traditionally adultery was a worse crime for a woman than it was for a man.

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Fiedler 63 "It was the art - then as now, almost the only one within a woman's grasp - of needle-work. She figures out that Dimmsdale is wrong in denying her. The definition of feminism would be women are inherently equal to men and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Washington Square Press, Dimmesdale even calls her his "better angel. She is indirectly involved in a scene like when Chillingworth examines the chest of Dimmsdale.

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Mental toughness refers to how calm and poised Hester is when she faces adversity. These questions lie at the heart of The Scarlet Letter, and they're why Hester can be viewed as an early feminist.

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She proves that she is not stuck with one man and has a choice. Hester's strength also manifests itself in the way she lives her life. No scarlet letter, no hat; she is open about who she is and is no longer letting her sin define her.

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Is it possible that The Scarlet Letter may have been one of the first novels to start this radical thinking? Hester Prynne was punished publicly, and disgraced before the people of her town.

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The first chapter in the Scarlet epitomizes the Puritanical view on women. He is casting his views on a society with completely different values, which he may not have even completely understood. A famous American civil rights leader, Susan B. A famous American civil rights leader, Susan B.

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They were big proponent of education for women.