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Then I asked the doctor if he felt my tonsils when he has his arm up there. During this episode, Lucille and Buster discover a phrase that both find very useful in their arguments, and it becomes a running joke between the two: Whether he was being crushed by volcano boulders or imploding after overeating antacid tablets, his friends always reacted with the same outrage … before quickly moving on.

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What follows manages to be both shockingly inappropriate and some of the best TV comedy of the modern era. The lesson is never try.

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Kitty mentions that the family has been building houses overseas and hiding it from the U. Are you looking for wealthy men and sexy women for relationship or marriage?

Steve As an Irishman, perhaps you've heard of the Irish Jesus? I don't know enough to have any firm view on the subject, and it has never seemed important to me.

For most of his life and entire Congressional career, Frank was known as a Jew.

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He was still closeted publicly. The media reached the conclusion that I had come out as an atheist.

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Life is so lonely. You guys have too awesome a site to let it go down the toilet with this shit. In this position, he was one of the staunchest supporters of redress and reparations for Japanese American internment during World War II.

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An incarcerated Lucille gets attacked by her Asian gang mate, armed with a sharpened noodle. Superfresh You forgot the part about the Irishman battering his pregnant wife. Eight episodes later, Buster and Nurse Adelaide reenact a portion of the scene almost word-for-word just after Buster drops his coma charade.

You play into their hand when you let them provoke you into overdoing it.

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This funny Snapchat is of a melted down red cone which has a strong resemblance to the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter Another Snapchatter posted a photo of the windscreen of their car covered with multicoloured filth, with the caption: Season 1, Episode He sends her snaps of himself 'ready to begin class and learn', 'singing to Jesus' with friends and going to bed at the respectable time of 9.

I know it works on BangBoomCrash.

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This is pure slapstick brilliance. To celebrate the show's return to Netflix for an all-new fifth season, here's a look at several great examples of foreshadowing hidden within the Bluth family's exploits.

I have a customer whose name is Wanda Inhmathong.

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This student Snapchatter compares her teacher to her highlighter in this funny image This American snap compares a tracksuit-wearing senior student to a freshman donning high heels, showing the difference between the two at frat parties This boy shows what happens when your mum adds you as a friend on Snapchat.

Oh I see, what do you want to change it to? I have had a life-long aversion to wrestling with questions that I know I can never answer.

Whether you're cursing at your husband, your doctors or just to yourself, the experience of giving birth is something every mother can relate to.

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