- Where Aggies Meet! - Where Aggies Meet!

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Lots of different cultures getting to know one another. If you ever walk or drive anywhere near Northgate during a Friday night, you're sure to see swarms of people crossing streets everywhere!

This is a huge event that thousands of people attend. We have many traditions that go along with our sporting events that create a fun atmosphere for the fans and players.

They have ample time to enjoy student activities and socialize with other students. A place to hangout, have fun and stay fine!

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Another thing students do is get involved in Texas a&m dating site of the many clubs or intermural sports offered on campus. It can often be heard amongst groups trying to find out when they want to attend.

Whether standing the entire time at football games, screaming our heads off at basketball games or even chanting at football games we make the most of it. Lastly, Grand Central Station, a place filled with laser tag and bowling. There are a lot of on and off campus clubs as well.

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Lastly, one of the coolest things Aggieland has to offer is Ring Day. Personally, I like to fellowship with my fellow churchgoers at their man event all over campus.

While Saturdays are reserved for tailgating and Aggie football. Students also attend the Rudder Auditorium or Rudder Theatre to pay to watch a film that will be showing in order to relax and meet new people.

The third best thing Aggies do for fun is put some boots on and dance the night away at Harry's. Almost every week during the fall semester we have a football game either on campus or at another college's stadium, just recently we renovated our own stadium for a whopping million dollars. Northgate is a huge socializing hub at College Station for all walks of life.

There is music, food, loved ones and most importantly: Several times throughout the week, many groups of friends will meet up at the lowest floor of the MSC playing at the couches.

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The third thing students love to do is just hang out on campus, during the spring and fall it is very common to see students sitting or laying in the grass or laying in a hammock anywhere on campus. Overall the Aggies like to enjoy the company of the friends they make here on campus and create memories that last a lifetime.

Every midnight before a game there is the midnight yell, a huge college pep rally where upwards of thirty or forty thousand students come out to get fired up about football, and the next day one-hundred thousand people cram into the stadium to watch our team, win or lose.

That being said after a long day Texas a&m dating site studying many students like to kick back and relax at the bonfires with friends and cook out.

Lastly, in the fall students enjoy moving in a week early before school starts for Gig' em week. Twice a year, any Aggie who has met the necessary requirements gets to receive their Aggie Ring. Mostly Join in the aggie pride by joining events and clubs. And the student body, the 12th man, stands for the entire game.

Of course people can drink and there are bars, but there are a lot of other places there for socializing. The competiveness allows for a large fan base that is supportive.

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The second best thing Aggies do for fun is to go hang out at the lake, which can either be Lake Bryan or Lake Somerville. With joyful outbreaks of laughter, volleyball is something I so often see played every week. This takes place the week before school starts and has all kinds of free fun events for the students.

Go out two-stepping with your friends or date! Many students with free time like to attend Harry's a dancing place to release stress. I've enjoyed myself on those couches gaming with friends in the past. Attend Sporting Events 2. Go to North Gate 3. The whole day is spent tailgating and hanging out with friends before the game.

This is one of our most beloved traditions. Get into something you really enjoy, there are so many out there for it its animal related organizations, they are definitely stress relievers.