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Taeyang and baekhyun dating, find out what their agencies said.

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How is it every time a dating scandal comes to light they are always conveniently announced when so and so company are doing shady business or stocks are falling? My last point is this… Rumours have been going round that Taeyeon is meant to be debuting as solo act this year…if this so happens to be in the next couple of weeks or so its going to look very Taeyang and baekhyun dating, remember I said here first.

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If Chicolini dating were together why does this point even matter? GD and Taeyeon, the front members of their respective bands share similar interests like food, fashion and an active interest in social media.

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How come no pictures after the initial spotting surfaced? Look at the whole Suzy and Lee Minho dating story, they were all the way in London and they got caught too. Can I also say?

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Ok she went to a concert alone…and? If the rumours are true, it would indeed be a marriage of music, fashion and style.

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Although it is unclear what sparked this rumour, various media outlets report that messages about GD and Taeyeon's alleged relationship have been doing the rounds on several apps and SNS. YG responds Find out what their agencies said. Officials also stated that last March Taeyeon attended an EXO concert alone to display affection…from this point alone the relationship sounds fake.

Of course the excuse was due to busy schedules and all that jazz.

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It is like me saying: As news of GD and Taeyeon's supposed relationship swirled on the web, G-Dragon aka Jiyong posted a picture of half a peace sign that's superimposed on a skull.

Nevertheless, the fans didn't feel deterred by the "Heartbreaker" singer's obvious response to the dating allegations.

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The story is still fresh off the press and probably updates will follow, but whether they were or not I wish them both the best in the future. But can I ask a real big question… Were they even together in the first place? Oct 29, Meanwhile, in the absence of GD and Taeyeon's official statements, their agencies came to their defence.

All of a sudden we are meant to believe that Baekhyun and Taeyeon were dating. I hear you cry.

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It's like a novel. While official statements deny their relationship, both have recently entered single life. Several fans commented on the picture, asking if GD is indeed dating kpop idol Taeyeon.

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