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Then comes the next sales pitch, that it takes times and to get the correct match it's a process, but they are working really hard to match you, you are very important, etc. Note, early in the lifespan of Table for Six they once sold lifetime memberships.

Plus it shows the ladies that I really am pretty wealthy and am qualified. The matchmakers, Mandy, Jessica, Anni, Dee and Angel really try hard to coach you and to get you out there to meet new people and find you chemistry!

They say that there will be a hostess there to introduce you to people at your table I hear they don't say this currentlybut there was a hostess at one dinner, useless. If they are then excuse me I don't even want to meet them.

I had high hopes for this service, but after 2 years of being stuck in a contract, it finally expired. Her reply was, "Oh, so you weren't really serious then? This service will try to harass and to punish me after I post this. Well, I said, why didn't you tell me that before you promised that my target was abundant in your membership and before you took my check.

I'm usually pleasantly surprised and I always have a good time. I set my appointment for the following Monday. What I've generally found with these folks is that they're just in it for a night out with no real intent of looking for anyone. So, this is one of those things that is what it is - a rotating cast of lovely, delightful women in their 20's with whom I've always seemed to bond who seem suggest 1 on 1 dates based more on age and ability to breath than anything else.

See if a man like me is willing to pay this huge sum of money its different because men like to show off. In the contract, they have the right to send you to something Table 6 dating 15 dinners before you can challenge the contract.

Drop DEAD gorgeous after 3 months For women, this service runs out of candidate for you if you're in the 20s. That means the 20 somethings sit together. I've found that Table for Six is what you make out of it.

T46 is like real life. Not only have I been having a great time attending dinner parties and going on one-on-one dates, but I'm quite satisfied with the quality of man I've been meeting through the service.

Again, I was accused of not being serious. Table for Six takes the guesswork out of things. And of course, Yelp took down the screenshot of the online ad I mentioned. Yelp's reputation for integrity and objectivity isn't the most pristine either.

I don't mind a gold digger who wants to live in a mansion and ride in a Rolls Royce as long as she does not tell me how I should handle my taxes and investment. Btw, forgot to add It was work, but the pay off has been great UGH High Turnover rate of coordinators scam?

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POOR imbalance male to female ratio, poor matching system, no feedbacks taken, scam Price: I got the following response: Anyhow, I'm cutting my losses and have not attended any dinners or events since I found that demeaning ad.

Must be millionaire women looking for billionaire men or a woman who simply ran out of options and are desperate enough to pay this huge sum of Table 6 dating. Just take it one dinner at a time. You don't even need to open your mouth.