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System on chip synthesis, using physically aware synthesis techniques to speed design closure of advanced-node socs

On the other hand, the rule-based approach works on any input, but the complexity of the rules grows substantially as the system takes into account irregular spellings or pronunciations.

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There are three main sub-types of concatenative synthesis. SoCs can be fabricated by several technologies, including: The method according to claim 18wherein wire changes related to wire speed in subsequent design stages comprise one of changing layers of the wires and area recovery performed by dropping buffers that are not absolutely necessary.

Synthesizer technologies[ edit ] The most important qualities of a speech synthesis system are naturalness and intelligibility.

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In the first category, a path that starts and ends at a memory element within the Expanded Core Logic causes violation of the timing constraint.

The hardware blocks are put together using computer aided design tools; the software modules are integrated using a software-development environment.

The method of claim 14wherein minimizing a delay in each global wire comprises assigning each wire to a layer, and inserting buffers at optimal distances.

The following provides a definition for a potentially smaller version of the Shell, which excludes any gate that is in the Shell Logic that is not on a Shell Path. InCharles Wheatstone produced a "speaking machine" based on von Kempelen's design, and inJoseph Faber exhibited the " Euphonia ".

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The method of claim 3wherein performing physical optimization of wire placement further comprises selecting a layer for each wire based on wire length. The appropriate library must be selected and the clocks and constraints must be defined.

In summary, the present invention utilizes optimal buffer insertion at the chip-level.

Given a block B, the Cycle-Bounded Core Logic includes any gate which is not in the transitive fan-out of the transitive fan-in of the transitive fan-out of an input pin, and not in the transitive fan-out System on chip synthesis the transitive fan-in of an output pin.

Synthesize all shells at the chip-level. Dominant systems in the s and s were the DECtalk system, based largely on the work of Dennis Klatt at MIT, and the Bell Labs system; [8] the latter was one of the first multilingual language-independent systems, making extensive use of natural language processing methods.

Of particular importance are the protocol stacks that drive industry-standard interfaces like USB.

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This file needs some further annotation to pass the collection of allowable block aspect ratio ranges to the placer the areaPdp interface only permits a single global aspect ratio range to be specified. An example is the arrival time of the outputs of G3 and G7 at the gates G4 and G6.

It was capable of short, several-second formant sequences which could speak a single phrase, but since the MIDI control interface was so restrictive live speech was an impossibility.

These elements are connected together in the hardware description language to create the full SoC design.

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The method of claim 9wherein each wire is assigned to a metal layer based on a relative length of the wire.

These are sent to a wafer fabrication plant to create the SoC dice before packaging and testing.

For example, "My latest project is to learn how to better project my voice" contains two pronunciations of "project". Clock signals must not be routed at this stage. The other approach is rule-based, in which pronunciation rules are applied to words to determine their pronunciations based on their spellings.

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The technology helped improve timing correlation by identifying long paths during physical synthesis and it also helped identify and alleviate congestion. Note that gates in the Sub-Shell may now generate required time constraints on the Expanded Core Logic gates.

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The input of a memory element includes both the clock and data inputs. System on chip synthesis all timing constraints are met for Shells, the timing constraints from the Shell are projected onto the Core Logic.

Slack may also be distributed locally across a latch near the Core-Shell boundary, for example. Determining a Wire Plan and Pin Assignment Inputs The placement information and inputs from the previous step must be specified. One of the techniques for pitch modification [43] uses discrete cosine transform in the source domain linear prediction residual.