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His sister refuses to believe him.

"Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person"

At Frank and Charlie's place, the band is hard at work sounding terrible. Mac immediately recruits Frank into the band and Dennis leaves the Gang completely appalled.

This starts a sinister game in which Dennis keeps score in regards to Kevin's normalcy versus Kevin's mental retardation. Dennis tells Mac that Kevin is "totally retarded.

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The gang then hatches several schemes to become famous: As they perform the song, Frank and Mac are appalled by Charlie's lyrics and claim that the song is too disturbing for the band's artistic direction.

Later, the gang hatches a plot to counter soaring prices at the pump by stealing and reselling gasoline, then try living the healthy life—by scamming their way to free medical insurance, but not before trying to prove that Paddy's Pub is historically relevant, and kidnapping a newspaper critic who panned their bar.

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After Kevin calls Dee a "bitch" to her face, Dennis looks thoughtful. Retarded - one, Normal - zero. Charlie defends the song and sings more of it to convince them that they're missing the meaning.

Charlie doesn't want his place busted up, so the decide to take the destruction elsewhere. Now, with Dee on a mission to prove her brother wrong, Mac has a pitch for the gang.

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After choosing a guitar based entirely on how he looks when he holds it, Mac is shocked to discover that Charlie can actually play keyboards. Both men wear their preferred costumes while they argue over the name of the band.

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Finally, the gang is forced Office pc hookup crossword save themselves from Charlie's mistakes. Of course, Charlie would prefer to be behind a curtain on stage, but Mac is already more inspired because someone in the band can actually play an instrument.

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The Gang's jealousy and greed come roaring back when they fight over Barbara's inheritance, after she wills the house to Dennis. Before they can practice with their new front man, Sweet Dee comes into the room and announces that she broke up with Kevin.

Mac then invites Frank to take he and Charlie out to buy instruments.

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They need to start their own band, because if a retard can do it and get laid, they certainly should be able to! Two members of the gang find themselves on the wrong side of the law due to mistaken identity: After demolishing a hotel room, Frank is angry to discover that his credit card was used to secure the room.

Mac is suspected to be a serial killer after becoming distant from the gang and Dennis is mistaken for a registered sex offender after a real sex offender who looks like a fatter version of Dennis is released from prison due to overcrowding.

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The gang won't let the bar go without a fight—but not before using dirty tricks on each other. Sweet Dee dates a local rapper mistakenly thought to be mentally handicapped by Mac and Dennis, the two of whom start a band, but can't quite pinpoint their genre of music—especially when Charlie comes up with a raunchy, disjointed song about a mysterious creature who violates him in his sleep.

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Dennis mentions he's always had affection for the idea of becoming a rock god, but Mac immediately disses any skills Dennis might have because his music taste is different from the band's musical direction. Dee and Frank set out to stop Bruce Mathis Dee and Dennis's biological father from donating Barbara's inheritance to a community center for Muslims while Charlie and Mac fake their deaths to escape Mac's convict father, Luther, who vowed in "Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender" to get revenge on the two of them for screwing up his plan to make amends with the people he terrorized before he was sent away to prison for the first time.

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When Chemical Toilet takes the stage, Lil' Kevin takes their spotlight. Dee dismisses the evidence because Kevin is only seven years-old in the picture.

Charlie rushes out of the office to present their first song dressed as Bob Dylan. Lil' Kevin then performs a free-style rap that he dedicates to Dee. The two of them enthusiastically put together the song for their own band.

Kevin isn't amused anymore.

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Kevin immediately hugs Dennis with what Dennis terms "retard strength. He kicks Frank and Mac off-stage and is cheered by the bar crowd that recognizes and supports him. Charlie continues to stalk The Waitress, especially in light of news that someone else is having sex with her; then Charlie reworks his "Night Man" song into a sprawling musical to win over The Waitress.

The lyrics have the appearance of a page from a coloring book. At the concert, Dee flirts with her boyfriend Kevin and confides that she only broke up with him because of what Dennis told her.