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Consulting with an academic advisor at least a semester in advance of graduation, allows the opportunity of making necessary course adjustments or attending to particular academic concerns in a timely manner. Private clubs, private associations, social fraternities, and social sororities shall not be recognized by the VCCS.

For the record, a copy of the report shall be kept on file in the division office. The Office of Career and Employment Services offers the Career Success Networka website designed to assist students and graduates in finding employment.

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The time limitations specified for the Final Course Grade Appeal Procedure are binding on all parties involved, unless they are extended by written mutual agreement. When instructors determine student absences constitute unsatisfactory attendance, students may be withdrawn from courses.


In exceptional circumstances, students may appeal and be reinstated Student speed dating submitting Applications for Readmission available online or from campus Enrollment Services. The ruling shall be considered final.

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Documentation must be provided to support the need for accommodations. Communication devices shall not be used during class, nor shall students disrupt a class by leaving to respond to calls or communication. Within five 5 working days of its appointment, the Grade Appeal Committee shall hold at least one Student speed dating meeting with the student and instructor.

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An ID card cannot be issued without proof of identity. Academic suspension Students on academic probation who fail to earn minimum semester GPAs of 1. Each campus offers individual career counseling and seminars, workshops, and short courses on career-related topics.

Within five 5 working days of receiving the written appeal, the academic dean shall hold a conference with the student and instructor to consider the grade appeal.

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Guidelines for documentation are available from campus educational accessibility counselors and the online website. Students who are withdrawn from courses because of unsatisfactory attendance are not eligible for refunds of tuition and fees.

They foster student engagement, leadership development and healthy lifestyle choices through leisure, athletic, and fitness activities.

Students are encouraged to resolve final course grade disagreements with their instructors on an informal basis.


Academic probation Students who fail to maintain cumulative GPAs of 1. Students on academic warning should consult with counselors or academic advisors and take advantage of academic support services provided by the college.

The State Board shall recognize and encourage honorary, scholastic, service organizations, and sports clubs that do not restrict membership based on race, color, gender, age, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation or other non-merit factors.

Students may use their ID cards as a form of payment at various locations throughout the college, including: Base contact information can be found here. Quality services and resources are offered to initiate a holistic learning environment for all students.

In taking such action, students shall assume the burden of proof concerning any perceived error in the grade assigned. Students develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and an appreciation for other cultures and lifestyles.

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ISS strives to foster an environment of international awareness and an appreciation of all cultures by promoting interactions between American and international students through exchange programs, study abroad, and various intercultural programs and events. Free inquiry and free expression are indispensable to the attainment of these goals.

This approach helps students become aware of their interests, skills, values, and lifestyle preferences and relate them to a career decision.