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The problem is that this never works. Many women are confused about what truly makes them happy as opposed to what they think normalizes their lives.

10 Tips to Help You Stop Falling in Love With the Wrong Guy

Some good women do not have emotional boundaries to protect themselves from unfulfilling, dangerous, and sabotaging relationships. All of us, women, too, have an internalized definition of a loving relationship and what our role in that loving relationship will be.

What task, issue or belief, about yourself or the world, is this repeating? The only way out of this painful and damaging cycle is to heal the Old Scar. We drive healthy, available men away.

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Because our partner is like our parent, in no time we are reliving the worst pains of our childhood. If this is you, you need to stop trying to fix his life and solve his problems.

We develop feelings of desire and love before we assess whether this person is a healthy match for us.

How to Stop Falling in Love With the Wrong Guy | Love Blossoms

Step 2 — Identify your pattern You can now begin to reflect on your dating history and see if you can identify your patterns. This often plays a role in the attraction. Invest in your own growth and maturity. You are here to be in healthy relationship with a man who is right for you, who was created for you.

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Sign up for my free weekly Blossom Tips! What I am here to do, however, is to help you change course and encourage you to stop chasing after your usual type of love interest. I welcome your thoughts and comments below, big and little.

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You haven't figured out what you need in life, independent of relationships. The man you're turning down the date with might be a real peach and a real winner. So, my single most important advise to women in this category is to see a counselor or psychologist to develop awareness about their behavior in order to facilitate change.