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Stock radio amp hook up, welcome to tacoma world!

Recessed LED down lights in this kit, you will receive 4 high output LEDs, each unit contains 18 LEDs and is just 11mm deep meaning they will fit straight into the headlining.

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But I still use CDs. At this point, more input power can be applied to the amplifier and the output loading capacitor adjusted slightly for best power output.

It is probably intended for power supply and not RF service.

Stock (nonNav or nonJBL) head unit with Sirius XM satellite radio | Tacoma World

Likewise, the fuse needs to be replaced without disassembly of the Stock radio amp hook up, so mount it in a good spot on the chassis wall. This amplifier uses volt incandescent lamps and jeweled glass lens covers.

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Apply RF drive, and adjust the small variable capacitor for a 1 to 1 SWR between the transceiver output and the amplifier input. This will insure your panel meter readings are correct. Turn everything off and then check the high voltage connections.

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Apply a hand key or CW keyer to the "Key In" connection. Six different tubes were tested in this amplifier, and each was easily matched with a slight adjustment of the capacitor.

The logic timing diagram shown on the schematic page 4 shows the circuit activity for typical CW keying speeds.

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So, if the plate current is ma, a grid current of about ma is common. The size is not important; it must present a high impedance at 50 MHz. Again, the primary function of this stub is to blow the fuse should the plate blocking cap fail short, and not for harmonic reduction.

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Both approaches were tried in earlier versions of this amplifier. Temporarily remove the "Standby Signal" input connection. FYI - they do make "wire glue" but I've never used it and wouldn't trust it to something installed into a relatively harsh, inaccessible environment like a car.

The input SWR adjust is best set with the amplifier running normally, and about ten watts or so of RF power applied to the amplifier. Connect the plus lead of the external power supply to the "B minus" connection of the amplifier.

We struggled with that problem for about an hour! This is also a "set and forget" adjustment.


The basic specification for the blocking cap required by this amplifier is 10 kV minimum voltage breakdown, pF minimum capacitance, and 10 Amps RF current at 50 MHz.

The availability of Russian tubes has brought the tube part of this cost down to manageable levels, but the power transformer price can remain a stumbling block 3.

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Connect the minus lead of the external power supply to the amplifier chassis ground. This emulates a variable high power Zener diode.

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