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The hovercraft would automatically orient toward the goal if you had the ballor the ball if you didn't. It involved math problems of varying complexity, whose answers would be selected using a small man think bathroom sign for "men's room" to run across a platform.

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Lemmings you had to go through a level with little blue robed green haired dudes that walked in a line. Basically a texted base game with very intricate drawings scrolling down to provide some eye candy to your own imagination.

I forget what the message was. Sequel was similar, but introduced additional spells and had an automapping feature. You typed in commands. I dreaded the space station dockings. It is a strategy based game which is very difficult to defeat.

At one point, I remember there being a rabbit in a magician's hat in the dining room.

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Mad inmates and an even maddening 3d maze kept you hooked for weeks. I played this Spy dating games our old Apple2gs. Then was a room with lava and bubbles you could ride up.

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It could also been used for Apple Computers. A little man has to collect musical notes from platforms.

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And the main bad guy was a giant TV. Zamboni cleaned the ice at the end Spy dating games the game. You were a little man riding on an ostrich-like bird jousting with other ostich-like birds.

Having the recipe for the elixir, the heroes must now traverse the Lands to obtain the required ingredients, while simultaneously learning as much as possible about the Nether Mask in the hopes of defeating Scotia.

Utilizing a horizontally-split screen, you drove a hovercraft over a checkerboard grid, grabbed the ball using your forcefield, then carried it to your opponent's goal, all the while trying to avoid your opponent bumping you, harassing you, and trying to steal the ball.

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You can bring along Dating issues after divorce friends to help out and help solve puzzles. Only downside was that the batting order controlled the batter's capabilities slugger, hitter, "outer," and not the batter himself.

Gorgon by Nasir, Sirius Software; arcade.


A very overlooked game, it led to the creation of Wasteland. The object was to get your lance over the lances of the others and this caused them to dissapear until you were the last left.

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The graphics were nice. Back in '83, I think my computer teacher confiscated at least one copy a week sometimes more! I don't really remember what the object of the game was, but it was awesome!

YOu would choose how much ice to put in it. Secret passages and very addictive!

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Dow Jones Or Jones its a computer game that you can play with 4 players. If I remember it correctly, this game had the same bug that Jet Set Willy had: A text-based driving game.

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Labyrinth Based on the movie, you are travelling through the labryinth underground, in bushes, etc. Math Blaster Another "edutainment" title that was played during school hours. But don't blame me if it ruins your life! Battlestoad One of the most deliciously fun and bloody games of it's day.

Your plane had only limited fuel so you'd have to go back to the carrier to refuel every few seconds-- either that or attempt the nearly impossible refuelling process on the dreaded fuel blimp that came by every now and then, a craft so worthless that 9 out of 10 times you'd crash your plane by either ramming into it or by running out of fuel before you ever got your tank refilled a single iota.

This was an Atari game ed.

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The basic premise is to work towards the successful development of your colony while trying to out-manuvere the other players to gain the most wealth.