10 Best Things to Do in Bridgeport, Connecticut 10 Best Things to Do in Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Weston in Easton created from Weston in Bridgeport in also partly from Stratford and again in when the Black Rock section left Fairfield Westport in also partly from Weston and Norwalk See also: Visitors can see the authentic belongings of Barnum and a series of artifacts illustrating the history of the city of Bridgeport.

These supporters organized torch-light parades that were both political and social events, often including fireworks and music, in celebration of Lincoln's visit to the city.

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Courses are divided by age and challenge level to ensure that Adventure Park is compatible with a variety of skills and abilities. Courtesy of nd - Fotolia.

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In a predominantly Tory section of the colony, the people of Fairfield were early supporters of the cause for independence. Additional obstacles made from wood and rope add additional challenging elements to the course. This casual eatery is known for its traditional American perspective with classic favorites filling the menu.

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Today, one of Connecticut's nicknames is the "Constitution State. The grounding of a barge with two crewmen on Penfield Reef in Fairfield during a gale led to the 1st civilian helicopter hoist rescue in history, on November 29, Joseph Judsonwho were both appointed as a committee by the Colony of Connecticut.

The environment is upscale, ensuring a classic fine dining experience. Three additional, traveling exhibits are showcased throughout the year.

The prosperity created a Speed dating near hartford ct shortage in the city, and many of the workers looked to Fairfield to build their homes.

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Search 10 Best Things to Do in Bridgeport, Connecticut The fifth-largest city in New England, Bridgeport is home to the only zoo in the state of Connecticutunique museums and great restaurants.

Additionally, various boat charters, including sports fishing, sunset cruises, and kids based sailing school, are available in the Marina.

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During the Industrial Revolution into the midth century, the Connecticut River Valley cities produced many major precision manufacturing innovations. The fledgling colony along the Connecticut River was outside of the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony's charter and had to determine how it was to be governed.

Finally, Hoofstock is home to a series of bison, llamas, various wolves, black-tailed prairie dogs, and many other animals.

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By that time, Colt had become one of the wealthiest men in America. The advance of the Industrial Revolution in Hartford in the mids made this city by late century one of the wealthiest per capita in United States. The Massachusetts General Court granted them permission to settle in the towns of WindsorWethersfieldand Hartford which is an area now known as Connecticut.

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Twentieth century[ edit ] World War I brought Fairfield out of its agrarian past by triggering an unprecedented economic boom in Bridgeport, which was the center of a large munitions industry at the time.

The best known are wealthy Southportwhere General Electric Chief Executive Officer Jack Welch lived for many years, and Greenfield Hillwith its large areas, famous dogwood trees, and picturesque green with its white-spired Congregational church.

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