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A flight of 17 locks over 5 miles drops takes your canal boat holiday route down towards Northampton. The camera can also check a driver's speed, so you could well find yourself in trouble for committing a speeding offence as well as a traffic offence if you jump a red light.

Soulbury Three Locks - photo by Peter Roberts and reproduced by kind pemrission Leaving Linslade, you canal boat holiday journey continues north towards the little hamlet of Soulbury, where canal boaters will come across a set of locks called Soulbury Three Locks - very imaginative!

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It is also reputed to be haunted and is broad enough to let two canal boats pass side by side. Average speed camera systems can monitor four lanes at the same time.

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Fire crews from Oldbury Fire Station attended the scene late last night. Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The gorgeous Bourgas region of Buglaria has been added to the range of destinations an East Midlands Airport operator will take you to. Truvelo Truvelo speed cameras are forward facing and use sensors in the road to calculate a driver's speed.

The Bulgarian city is a bustling and business-like place with an ancient heritage, heavily influenced by both Greek and Roman times.

Unlike the fashion for concrete elsewhere in that part of the world, the city has worked hard to keep its architectural heritage in place, so history buffs will enjoy visiting too.

They're known by some drivers as 'stealth cameras' because they're small in size and painted grey, instead of the usual bright yellow. Gatso speed cameras Dating sites like flirtomatic always rear facing, to avoid the flash dazzling oncoming drivers.

Traffic Light camera Traffic light cameras use sensors to monitor any vehicle which drives over the sensor at the time the traffic lights turn red.

These are located near the village of Stoke Hammond - pleasant enough with shops containing supplies and Also a lovely old pub The Three Locks. They're often found on motorways - including the M6 and M42 - because they can monitor up to five lanes at any one time.

A stretch of smart motorway on the M42 Mr Goddard said the new roads will result in less traffic on the J24 roundabout — even after the logistics park has been built.

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Some are there to catch speeders, others red light jumpers, and police also use to check number plates and see if the car's been taxed.

Bourgas has been added by Jet2. You can still see the remains of the Leggers' Hut at the southern end of the tunnel. Its construction was very difficult, and when a major section of the tunnel caved in and collapsed 14 men were crushed to death.

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Read More Fire crews revealed a tyre was placed over the camera and ignited. They're found in multiple locations along the same stretch of road to monitor your average speed. You are often in sight of the trunk road the A5 and the main railway line between Euston and the North, which mirrors the route of the canal.

Road changes in the J24 area include: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Roadworks to ease traffic problems have been causing congestion on the M1 for months on end.

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Beyond Blisworth the canal continues north west and is joined at Gayton Junction by the Northampton Arm - which connects the Grand Union canal with the River Nene 5 miles away. This makes them tricky to spot at the road side.

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The tunnel has no towpath, and in olden days the horses pulling the boats had to be led up and over the hills above the tunnel, while men had to lie on their backs on boards strapped to the boats and they then had to literally "leg it" through the tunnel.

There is a lovely old pub on the canal bank called The Globe, two supermarkets located right by the canal and canal boat hire if you Speed dating midlands to have a canal boat holiday here. They're often seen in 30mph zones. The cameras store vehicle registration plate details with a date and time stamp, and anyone goes above the speed limit is automatically issued a speeding fine.

But officials have now said both road infrastructure projects are due to be finished by the end of - hopefully before Christmas, report the Derby Telegraph.