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He served on the Program Committee when the new hall was built. Attractions for visitors in Regina include: Click here for current weather here.

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A sentence may be partly concurrent and partly cumulative. If the offence is not trivial, is does not necessarily follow that s.

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If our group can be of assistance here in 'E' Div. It is an error for a sentencing judge to determine the overall sentence, and then to determine the sentences for individual counts: Gillis Joe; Thank you very much.

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Where the sentence imposed is more than 3 years, the prisoner becomes eligible to apply for parole at the end of the non-parole period. Imprisonment Generally Where a court determines that a full-time custodial sentence needs to be imposed, there should be a 3 stage process: Non-Parole Periods For most offences the court may set a non-parole period, or may decline to do so.

A suspended sentence cannot be backdated: Since the s, many of the towns near Regina have steadily lost population [39] as western Canada's agrarian economy re-organised itself from small family farm landholdings of a quarter-section acres, the original standard land grant to homesteaders [40] to the multi-section a "section" being acres 2.

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Visit this link to see what the weather's like here at the moment. If special circumstances are found, as to the proportion between the non-parole period and the additional term, this has to be taken into account in setting the non-parole period, rather than simply leading to an increase in the additional term: Where the offender is already serving an additional term at the time of sentencing because his parole has been revoked, the judge has a discretion whether to commence the sentence at the end of the non-parole period or at the end of the additional term: Click on this link to see what the weather's like there at the moment.

His ashes will be returning to his birth place in New Waterford, in Cape Breton this September, A non-parole period cannot be set for a sentence less than 6 months: However a person is not eligible to serve a sentence in a detention centre after the person has turned 21 unless the sentence or its non-parole period will expire within 6 months of the 21st birthday.

Henry will be greatly missed.