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An alley in London can also be called a passage, court, place, lane, and less commonly path, arcadewalk, stepsyard, terrace, and close. See Architecture of Provence.

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The wars did not stop until the end of the 16th century, with the consolidation of power in Provence by the House of Bourbon kings. In 49 BC, Massalia had the misfortune to choose the wrong side in the power struggle between Pompey and Julius Caesar. Le Thoronet Abbey was founded in a remote valley near Draguignan in Pompey was defeated, and Massalia lost its territories and political influence.

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They climb the mountains like goats. Although a neologismthe word quickly became part of the local vocabulary, and has even been used in official council documents. In Manchester and OldhamGreater Manchesteras well as SheffieldLeeds and other parts of Yorkshire"jennel", which may be spelt "gennel" or "ginnel", is common.

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In BC they founded Narbo Narbonne. Inafter the death of the Carolingian ruler Charles the BaldBoso of Provencealso known as Bosonhis brother-in-law, broke away from the Carolingian kingdom of Louis III and was elected the first ruler of an Speed dating cafe bruxelles state of Provence.

In other parts of Essex, alley or path is used. Etruscan amphorae from the 7th and 6th centuries BC have been found in Marseille, Cassis, and in hilltop oppida in the region.


York has many such paths, mostly mediaevalthough there are some modern paths as well. Germanic invasions, Merovingians and Carolingians 5th—9th centuries [ edit ] King Boson and San Stephen fragment of fresco at Charlieu Abbey Beginning in the second half Speed dating cafe bruxelles the 5th century, as Roman power waned, successive waves of Germanic tribes entered Provence; first the Visigoths ; then the Ostrogoths ; then the Burgundians ; finally, the Franks in the 6th century.

The most famous citizen of Massalia was the mathematician, astronomer and navigator Pytheas. Between and BC he organised an expedition by ship into the Atlantic and as far north as England, and to visit IcelandShetland, and Norway.

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After that three Antipopes reigned in Avignon untilwhen the Papacy finally returned to Rome. Nicholas, built at the harbour entrance to control the city's unruly population. Many thousands were taken to concentration camps, and few survived.

Aix Cathedral was built on the site of the old Roman forum, and then rebuilt in the gothic style in the 13th and 14th centuries.

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Sincemany have now been demolished as part of slum clearance programmes, but about 70 still exist. Other English-language terms[ edit ] In Australia and Canada the terms lanelanewayright-of-way [90] and serviceway are also used. The word "snickelway" was coined by local author Mark W.

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After the defeat of France by Germany in JuneFrance was divided into an occupied zone and unoccupied zone, with Provence in the unoccupied zone.

They exported their own products; local wine, salted pork and fish, aromatic and medicinal plants, coral and cork. Once they settled in one place they were able to develop new industries.

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Germanic tribes invaded Provence in and In LiverpoolMerseysidethe terms "entry", "jigger" or "snicket" are more common.

Arab invaders and Berber pirates came from North Africa to the Coast of Provence in the beginning of the 7th century.

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Chares also are still present in the higher parts of the city centre. Words used in other countries[ edit ] In the Netherlands the equivalent term is steeg.

The plague struck the region between andbeginning in Marseille, killing some 40, people.

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It was governed as an aristocratic republic, by an assembly of the wealthiest citizens. Many immigrants arrived from Liguria and the Piedmont in Italy.

A second wave of colonists arrived in about BC, when Phocaea was destroyed by the Persians.

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At one point, there were 20 chares in Newcastle. A wynd is typically a narrow lane between houses, an open throughway, usually wide enough for a horse and cart. Charles attacked Avignon and Arlesgarrisoned by the Umayyads.