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Simpsons apu dating, what is the problem with apu?

The Animated Series between and Later when Bart and Homer Save and destroy part of the museum Apu tells them that thanks to them his Children will one day know the boredom of the Museum.

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He appeared in the show's tenth episode "The One with the Monkey", before the character left for a research trip in Minsk. Sanjay's son is Jamshed.

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The Problem with Apu is a documentary written by and starring Hari Kondabolu and directed and produced by Michael Melamedoff. I had to do so many voices. However, he has some negative traits, shown throughout the course of the show. One of the main 'problems' with Apu is that the character is voiced by Hank Azaria, a white actor, who has admitted his portrayal of Apu is actually a homage to white British actor Peter Sellers playing an Indian in the comedy The Party.

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Respectfully Hank won an emmy for voicing the character in He spent approximately hours in the make-up chair over the course of the production. Even people in the business think the guy who did Birdcage, Quiz Show and Great Expectations are three different actors—which in a way makes me proud, but in another way is very frustrating.

Although very critical of the character and the stereotype it perpetuates, Kobabolu does express admiration for The Simpsons in parts of the documentary, primarily for its observations on modern American culture and the media.

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Azaria was confused by his casting in Uprising and frequently asked the film's producer and director Jon Avnet why he was selected.

Futurama Although, he did not appear fully in person in The Simpsons' sister show, Futuramahis Hook up in stockport could be seen in the head museum in "Space Pilot " and "Bender's Big Score".

He is often found spending more time at his workplace than even with his own family, to Manjula's irritation, especially when she finds out that in America, workplaces normally have weekends off, a practice that Apu evidently never told her.

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Behind the Laughter Apu is voiced by Hank Azariawho, owing to the character's Indian origins, voices him with a Hindi accent. He then took a job working at the Kwik-E-Mart to repay his student loan.

Dr. Ph.D. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Jr.

Groening and Simon thought the resultant voice was ideal for Moe and took Azaria over to the Fox recording studio. The impersonation was seen through by one of Apu's relatives and failed miserably.

He has great remembrance.

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Apu's friendship with the McCartneys caused him to be referred to by some mainly himself as "The Fifth Beatle", They visited Apu in Springfield around the time he became a naturalized citizen, He said that he graduated from Calcutta Technical University, where he was the top of his class of 7, pupils and got a scholarship in the United States at the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology S.

Hari Kondabolu is a standup comedian, actor and filmmaker who created the documentary film The Problem with Apu.


In some episodes, Apu is even seen manipulating customers into buying things they don't really need sometimes into things which may be potentially life-threatening and even fataland at exorbitantly jacked up prices. Only 20 years ago. He has a bit of a paranoid nature, as evidenced by him once jumping behind a counter and then shouting threats to Bart and Lisa who were walking in to investigate a robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart, and on at least two occasions went up to the roof and started firing a rifle at potential customers.

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Apu began working at the Kwik-E-Mart whilst at university to help repay his student loans. His doctoral dissertation was the world's first computer program to play perfect tic-tac-toe; which Bart Simpson ruined years later by plucking a random punch card out of the box along with several others.

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I hit a point when I was tapped out. Despite not liking being shot, however, he did at least have some attachment to it, as after taking a bullet for James Woods after a robber tried to shoot him, he expressed nostalgia for being shot before telling Woods he might be dying.