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If there ever was someone who fulfilled their goal in life, it is my Dad.

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We recorded some songs with Gary Paxton in Hollywood. He leaned down, so our stomachs were touching.

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He was so embarrassed, poor guy. The moms alerted the park rangers and a search party was formed, but not a trace was ever found of the missing leader.

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Mark flipped the recorder switch on, and Aidan began asking questions out loud. Tucson, AZ after that. We caught them here. The Ghost at the Piano Felice awoke to the sound of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata wafting its way up from the inn's conservatory.

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They have now discovered the embarrassing truth. Wouldn't it be great, thought Ranjit, Will and Guy, if that happened more often? We used to play six or seven nights a week.

She had just checked in Short funny dating stories hours ago, bleary eyed from the four hour drive en route to her next concert in Seattle. I understand the album was sold to a record company, but it was never released.

After some smooching, feeling up, and whatnot, I went down on her. I cleaned it off, and then business as usual. Upon returning home things only got better. Philip is passing a country estate and sees a sign on the gate.

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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. You know the tune.

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I got woken up by his movement, which turned out to be him jacking off. The following week a rabbi comes in, gets a haircut, goes to pay and the barber says, 'No, Rabbi, you are a learned man, a wise man, I can't take any money from you, go in peace.

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The darkness swooped down and engulfed them until neither one could see the other, and just as suddenly, Aidan, Mark and the black shadow vanished into the ground. I know that wherever his soul is now he is at peace and I pray only that God protect and care for him.

We rehearsed in the living room and then we got a gig at Gazzarrie's on the Strip in Hollywood. Rest in Peace Dave Travis 59 Nov.

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Algebra expert, Adam Ries, who bought the property in was sent the bill in Germany. We get down to it, I get her into position and brace her against the wall because no way can I hold her for the entire time.

It was our Hamburg Hollywood style.

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He took the page manuscript to be copied, only to have it reduced to 50, strips of paper in seconds when a worker confused the copier with the shredder. One of the other great loves of my dad's life has always been his instruments, which not only played the sounds of his music, but connected his listeners to his soul.

Dave lived his music close to his heart, and helped others to reach for their stars too. I remember the Knack and Sweet Wine coming to see us play. So much for being ladylike. Took about 30 minutes to fish it back out.