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I would like to ask two questions.

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Do you know students who want critical essay reviews from a professor of English Literature? This was followed by a Buck Rogers comic stripthe first serious science fiction comic.

Ultimately reforms in working conditions were accomplished by passage of Factory Acts in, and and of a Mines Act in The best of the herd paintings date from roughly six thousand years ago.

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Most frauds are done for "good scientific reasons", because the fraud feels that the principle he is trying to demonstrate is more important than a mere "scientific method". So we express our ritual doubt and carry on working and experimenting, in the sure and certain knowledge that evolution has been seen to happen time and time again, it has never been seen not to happen, and if we assume evolution has happened, is happening, and will happen, we will, in all likely cases, get the right answer.

Most of the time they will not be right, but their cases are still argued furiously. Weaving was so much faster on looms with flying shuttles that a yarn shortage soon developed.

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That is why the effects of fossil-fuel burning cannot be separated from the effects of plant growth and decay. If nothing can be proved, then you cannot do anything, and that would mean absolutely no progress at all.

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One, Two, and Three: People can engage in scientific fraud with the highest of motives, hoping to save lives or time by sounding an alarm that a drug is safe - or harmful. Perhaps that sounds very complicated, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

But if the theory turns out to be right, nobody will ever know what you did, not unless you were careless, that is. They must be better understood before we can reach an accurate diagnosis of the present condition of our planet.

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The number that I ask you to remember is the increase in thickness, averaged over one half of the land area of the planet, of the biomass that would result if all the carbon that we are emitting by burning fossil fuels were absorbed.

The era known as the Industrial Revolution was known to be the change from the use of hand methods of manufacturing to machine methods. Scientific speculation involves saying things like "What would happen if you assumed that Euclid's Fifth postulate was wrong?

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Orphans and children of the poor were often apprenticed to the textile manufacturers, and were sometimes chained to their machines. Alone among the self-styled sciences, "creation science" fails to offer us even one testable proposition, assertion or hypothesis. Of course especially in a period of fairly rapid evolution that is very much the wrong attitude; but unfortunately it is shared by many.

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Speculation is usually left out of courses on the scientific method.