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Nocturne would eventually end up in the main universe, where she would join New Excalibur, get reunited with her thought-comatose lover, and suffer a stroke. Scroll down for video Lovely lady: Even in a comic book series that featured mutants with the powers of eye lasers or being a toad manher powers were incredibly ill-defined.

Between all of the retconned familial relationships, demonic children, and alive-dead-alive again boyfriends, it's a wonder it took until 's Avengers for her to really go insane. She said that since her character's powers are more magic-based, she does finger exercises Wonder in white: Seriously, who's your daddy?

In addition, she discovered later that she and Pietro weren't actually ever mutants at all, but regular humans who had been experimented on by the High Evolutionary at birth to create superpowered siblings.

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The Scarlet Witch of the MCU might flirt with Vision, but Quicksilver's early death and the absence of Magneto make her a significantly different character than the one featured above. Both her culpability in the story and her literal ability to perform the reality warping would be retconned away in later stories.

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Age of Ultron or just know her as one of the West Coast Avengers, there's much more to Wanda Maximoff that meets the eye. In this most recent retcon, Wanda's biological father is currently settled to be Django Maximoff, the traveling Scarlet witch dating who had raised her.

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When Wanda wanted children, she subconsciously siphoned off parts of Mephisto's broken souls to create her children.

The breakout did not go unnoticed, and the team ran into the armed officers of the facility.

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Well, it turns out they did bond over it, just not in the main universe. This would be retconned in 's The Avengerswhich established that Wanda and Pietro were actually raised by a traveling Romani family, the Maximoffs.

After that, Wanda draws the ire of a mob in Eastern Europe which leads to their rescue by Magneto, which leads into their villainous appearances in The X-Men 4.

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Scarlet Witch started out as a mutant who had "hex powers," which basically meant that she could do anything that the writer desired. That list kind of makes it seem like Wanda's bad luck is genetic, but at least she wasn't made out of the devil's soul.

Beyond wearing all red, Wanda Maximoff really wasn't much of a Scarlet Witch at all until writer Steve Englehart had her study under Agatha Harkness — an actual witch — in 's The Avengers She even went on to Ob dating about her experience of being an understudy in an Off-Broadway play while balancing her studies at NYU.

While Scarlet Witch has undoubtedly been ill-served by plotlines in the main universes, at least she never had sex with her brother while their possible dad Wolverine who also slept with Magda in this universe watched from the bushes.

The year-old actress said director Joss Whedon assured her that she would 'never, ever' have to wear the revealing costume Luckily the sexy costume was not even considered as she described her first meeting with Avengers: Brotherly love Speaking of alternate realities, Scarlet Witch didn't fare much better in Earth In fairness, this was a few months after he briefly went insane, took control of every computer on Earth and threatened the planet with nuclear annihilation.

In one of the more awkward rebounds in comic book history, Wanda started dating Wonder Man shortly after, before eventually returning to Vision's robotic arms.


If there was a connection, we might expect her to once again be revealed to be Magneto's daughter just as soon as the rights revert back to Disney. Worse, in Ultimates 3, the Wasp even chides Captain America for expressing his judgement of their romance by telling him that his World War II sense of morality is outdated in this modern world.

Unlike many of Scarlet Witch's insanely complicated and tragic family stories, this one actually has a happy ending, though! Writer Kurt Busiek would later retcon Chthon's influence to be the entire reason behind the Scarlet Witch's ambiguous hex powers in 's Avengers In 's AXIS, a Marvel crossover event that featured the moral alignment of various heroes and villains getting reversed, Wanda discovered that Magneto wasn't actually her father.

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As for Robert Frank, he'd fled in his grief leaving the newborns, revealed to be Wanda and Pietro, to fend for themselves. Billy joined the Young Avengersand, styling himself after Thoradopted the super-hero identity of the Asgardian.

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Hawkeye is killed, Vision is killed, Agatha Harkness is killed, and Doctor Strange declares that Wanda's mental break has unleashed in her the ability Scarlet witch dating reshape reality itself.

Though his parents thought Teddy would make an excellent son-in-law, they were unaware that Billy was a practicing witch, dating a shapeshifter.

What even is Chaos Magic?

After she disappears, the High Evolutionary gives them away to the Maximoffs, who raises them until the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver lose their memory of the Maximoffs after getting separated. But when I warp time and space The "Ultimate" imprint was launched in in order to do away with the complicated continuity and constant tie-ins of the main universe.

The answer is obviously magic. The souls of Billy and Tommy were reincarnated into new families, where they grew up and eventually joined the Young Avengers. Fortunately for him and unfortunately for Wanda, Vision's programming was wiped by a mass military agency composed of secret agents from every single nation in the world united in their fear that Vision would destroy the world.

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Which is fair; once a character becomes powerful enough to create their own alternate realities, it's hard to really justify any sort of conflict.