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Made me grin, because it was really funny. Kishimoto agreed to this and thus Sasuke came into being.

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She is hopping on the bed - already said, she isn't a bright light. Dating back to the very beginning of everything in Naruto, the Uchiha Clan has been a staple of powerstrategic excellence, and gifted ninjutsu.

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This aspect of the Naruto story is dark-- darker than most casual audiences ever realized. Fugaku believed in his heart that a revolution could take place without bloodshed.

She deserves assrape for this.

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Why the heck should I leave a porn dvd inside player? Naruto is essentially the greatest salad ever created in the manga and anime world.

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But need to be 'optimistic', that one day 'we could be together as family' again. The concept for Sasuke came from an old manga character named — wait for it — Sasuke Sarutobi.

If I'm supposed to, I should be sort of a 'hero' to her for being gentleman, not a feeble sucker.

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Instead, they told him that they were proud of him and that he needed to look after his Sasuke dating quiz. I have to constantly excuse myself for shit happening. Not all the members of the Uchiha Clan agreed with Madara and his methods. Dev 'didn't want to hurry', now you're crawling along.

Hilarious dialogues on how 'good' she gets at 'cooking' or is it about me getting better at 'cucking', don't know? Should really start worrying about bad influence, like drug taking and drinking habits, and all the possible shit stupid young females do today… Cock blocker.

Because I'm an ass, not a cuck, I already told her she's a little spoiled brat fucking up 1st date, keeping me waiting on 2ndand I don't want to excuse myself for shit over and over again, just because 'gentleman'.

Sarutobi was a ninja who had super-fast agility, along with the ability to conjure lightning. Need an explanation for this, other than that I'm a stupid idiot, deserving to stay alone forever.

The Uchiha were put in charge of it, supposedly as a sign of faith. The night that Itachi committed the genocide, Izumi was the first Uchiha clan member to die.