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But, the term still held a lot of weight.

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Racial identity also held a lot of debate inafter Rachel Dolezal, a white woman presenting herself as a black woman, said she identified as biracial or transracial. Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice: Would you like to guess the percentage of the participants in the second group who solved the puzzle correctly?

The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: From our Word of the Year announcement: Xenophobia Inwe selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity.

The truth behind the universal, but flawed, catchphrase for creativity.

We must not let this continue to be the norm. SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. Because the solution is, in hindsight, deceptively simple, clients tended to admit they should have thought of it themselves.

In the s, however, very few were even aware of its existence, even though it had been around for almost a century. They are much more common than you probably think. Solving this problem requires people to literally think outside the box.

Here's an excerpt from our announcement in Both teams followed the same protocol of dividing participants into two groups. In the early s, a psychologist named J. The symmetry, the beautiful simplicity of the solution, and the fact that 80 percent of the participants were effectively blinded by the boundaries of the square led Guilford and the readers of his books to leap to the sweeping conclusion that creativity requires you to go outside the box.

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Unlike inchange was no longer a campaign slogan. After all, with one simple yet brilliant experiment, researchers had proven that the conceptual link between thinking outside the box and creativity was a myth.

Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not.