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If you wish to retain the stepper motors see our Acorn CNC control board. And up to 8x the accuracy of the old controller.

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I have been playing with the Arduino for only a couple of months and I already have found it to be a fantastic development platform. The code is well documented and for those of you who modified my original sketch it should be easy enough to adapt as you see fit.

Anyhow I like what you have here and let me know what you think. Bridgeport Boss machines were originally equipped with stepper motors.

It replaces the old CNC control electronics while retaining the stock DC servos, and other basic controller parts can be reused like contactors, disconnects, fuses etc.

The IF can be anything you wish and can be additive or subtractive. You should be able to deduce the pin outs on all items from the Arduino Sketch but if you have questions just contact me.

I will need some kind of amp to bump up the output to 4v ptp, manual calls for 12v on 15 meter band for some reason.

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See this PDF for more info. However it has been hard to find a good AD Pinout so here you go. Because of a lot of requests I have also created a version for IF superhet type receivers.

I also have another video of the VFO attached to my oscilloscope. This retrofit kit includes 3 brand new Made in USA servomotors with line ppr encoders factory installed.

Without going into too much detail you are required to send a set of serial or parallel data to the chip to set the frequency. This kit is intended for reuse of existing servomotors replacing the stock low-resolution encoders with new line ppr units which dramatically increases the performance, and accuracy of the machine tool.

If you build something from my design please send me a picture or a video of your creation. Smooth, Powerful, Reliable, Cable and Encoder pre installed, tested ready to run Centroid DC Servo Motors with encoder and cable installed - Windings specifically designed for torque characteristics needed for machine tool use - Advanced ferrite long life brushes - VDC max voltage allows direct rectification of vac so no transformer is needed - 29 and 40 in-lb sizes are Nema 42 for compatibility as replacement motors on a variety of machine tools - Centroid installed encoder and cable - Centroid Tested and ready to Rotary encoder hookup - Backward compatible with older Centroid CNC control systems - Available sizes: This project is ongoing.

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For me, the easiest way to manage the AD is with an Arduino Uno. This kit replaces the old CNC control electronics and axis motors with new closed loop Made-in-USA Centroid DC servo motors while reusing basic controller parts can be reused like contactors, disconnects, fuses etc.

My schematic is a little rough as I do not tend to create them that often so let me know if you catch anything out-of-place!

The AD is a chip that can produce a sinusoidal wave from about 1hz to 40mhz. A little quick work with a protoboard and I have a Rotary encoder hookup working VFO. The end result is smooth, continuous 3-axis motion.

Or you can also send a donation via paypal to rvisokey yahoo.

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I love to see what others do! You can watch my video on YouTube showing how it works.

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