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As Australia became more arid, there were fewer and fewer places rainforests were able to survive. All of this diversity is contained within an area that takes up 0.

Due to the distance between attractions, driving is the often the simplest way to navigate between them. The primitive flowering plants Austrobaileya scandens and Idiospermum australiense are also endemic to the Daintree.

Millions of years ago[ quantify ], the Australian continent was warm and humid and rainfall was plentiful. In the Daintree region, however the climate and topography were ideal, so the area became a last remaining refuge for rainforest.

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They preserve major stages of the earth's evolutionary history - ancient plants representing some of the earliest land plants, the Psilotopsida whisk ferns and the Lycopsida club mosses or tassel ferns ; 7 ancient families of true fernsincluding the Marattiaceae giant or king fernsOsmundaceae royal fernsSchizaeaceae comb ferns and Gleicheniaceae coral ferns ; fern genera of East Gondwanan origins, including Polystichum shield fernsLeptopterisTodeaTmesipteris fork fernsLycopodiella and Huperzia club mosses and tassel ferns ; the ancient, fern-like cycad Bowenia spectabilis zamia fern and other cycads including Cycasand the giant Lepidozamia hopei zamia palm ; ancient conifers such as Podocarpus plum pine or brown pinePrumnopitys brown pine or southern yewAraucaria hoop and bunya pinesand Agathis kauri which are living counterparts of Jurassic -age fossils i.

Their descendants that are still living today retained many of their ancestors' primitive Riflebirds dating, some dating back million years.

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These 'buyback' areas of tropical rainforest included blocks of land purchased by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, and 13 purchased by private conservation agencies.

Within this refuge many species were able to live comfortably without reason to change.

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From a total of 19 primitive flowering plant families on Earth, 12 families are represented in the Daintree region making the highest concentration of these plants worldwide. There are also over 12, species of insects in the rainforest.

One species in particular, Idiospermum australiensecommonly known as the idiot fruit, is one of the rarest and most primitive of the flowering plants.

Approximately species of birds live among the trees.

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The Daintree Rainforest straddles Cape Tribulation. Its plant diversity and structural complexity is unrivalled on the Australian continent and represents the origins of other Australian flora. The area includes the Daintree National Park, some areas of State Forest, and some privately owned land, including a residential community of upwards of 5 people.

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Daintree Important Bird Area[ edit ]. The Daintree National Park boasts many walking tracks [7] and there are a number of accommodation options within the Daintree Rainforest itself. Daintree Rainforest The rainforest is named after Richard Daintreean Australian geologist and photographer The roads north of the river wind through areas of lush forest, and have been designed to minimize impacts on this ancient ecosystem.

The Daintree rainforest contains important and significant habitats for conservation of biological diversity. These ancient plant families may well hold the secret to a number of unanswered questions regarding the origins of the flowering plants — plants on which the human race depends for food and medicines.

During this time rainforest thrived in places such as the Uluru Ayers Rock region.