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Protagonists' tendency to lose their memories is reaching this level.

Rosetta, Lara and Bianca live on their own but you know their fathers are back in Kardia though the issue of their nonexistent mothers still apply.

And Kuruna in Rune Factory 3. Natsume added it to all the DS games in the US. When a perceived example of zugzwang occurred in the third game of the —97 world championship match between Steinitz and Lasker, after Danny has a family back in his hometown, Selphy is a runaway and Melody's orphan status is a plot point.

This video-game series provides examples of:

Mentioned above in Never Say "Die": Roughly a quarter of those youngsters have no visible parents, and most of the rest only have one. Protagonists' choice of attempting to sleep on other people's beds, which will enrage the owners of the beds Rf3 dating they're nearby.

Kardia in particular has exactly zero couples, yet no shortage of children. Rg8, the Deutsche Schachzeitung Decemberpage reported that "White has died of zugzwang".

Despite it being stated in an interview that both are related to the king the two's relation to one another Rf3 dating still only suggested.

Royals Who Actually Do Something: They don't die; they return home to the Forest of Beginnings.

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Too Awesome to Use: Played so straight in the first game that the human who was trained by a dwarf matches every last cliche. Mist natch is utterly blind to Zavier's crush on her.

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What saves this from the effects of this trope is that you get 9 of them in one seed packet. Over time however the term became especially associated with chess. Played straight with Erik Rf3 dating, and the less we talk about Mist the better.

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It's not that surprising since this occurs in most visual novels and other dating sim games with a designated "main heroine. Subverted with a handful of characters, whose parents aren't seen in game but are still referenced.

Games like chess and checkers have "zugzwang" or "zugpflicht": The fates of these parents are often only vaguely alluded to if it's ever brought up at all. The need to include bachelors ate up some extra character slots, so there are only four characters over the rough teens of the romancables.

The family works for its wealth, and uses its wealth and conncections to fund public spaces and organize most of the festivals.

Considering the Dating Sim aspect of the games, this trope's presence has led many to complain about the " forced couples ". A requirement, since you have to speak to everyone to get all the basic tools, and in Rune Factory 3 your first request is literally to introduce yourself to everyone in town and then ship one item.

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According to chess historian Edward Winterthe term had been in use in German chess circles in the 19th century. Xiao Pai's father, Yang Fan, is said to be travelling but they still have a relationship and he even turns up in a few town events albeit as a faceless NPCand Vishnal has family in another town.