Nanopowder Synthesis by Induction Plasma Technology Nanopowder Synthesis by Induction Plasma Technology

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The industrial application of induction plasma technology[ edit ] Following the evolution of the induction plasma technology in laboratory, the major advantages of the induction plasma have been distinguished: Then suitable second gas may be selected and added to argon, so as to get a better heat transfer between plasma and the materials to treat.

Cr-Fe-C, Re-Mo, Re-W Nano-materials synthesis[ edit ] It is the increased demand for nanopowders that promotes the extensive research and development of various techniques for nanometric powders.

The nanometric powders produced are usually collected by porous filters, which are installed away from the plasma reactor section. Some examples of cold plasma include glow discharge and fluorescent lamp. Without the erosion and contamination concern of electrode, due to the different plasma generation mechanism compared with other plasma method, for example, direct current non-transfer arc dc plasma.

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Change the surface morphology of the particles. Because of the high reactivity of metal powders, special attention should be given to powder pacification prior to the removal of the collected powder from the filtration section of the process.

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With this capability, induction plasma torch often works as not only a high temperature, high enthalpy heat source, but also chemical reaction vessels.

Its innovative technology offers the necessary means for the development of new compounds and powder treatments, as it handles oxidizing and reducing atmospheres without contamination problems — something not possible with alternate conventional plasma sources. Re, Ta, Mo, W Alloys: Powder spheroidisation [8] [ edit ] The dense microstructure of the spheroidised cast tungsten carbide powders The requirement of powders spheroidisation as well as densification comes from very different industrial fields, from powder metallurgy to the electronic packaging.

The melted powder particles are assuming the spherical shape under the action of surface tension of liquid state. Cold plasma is often produced at low pressures.

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Induction plasma serves as a clean heat source and is perfect for high purity processes, thanks to lack of contamination induced by erosion of electrodes. The induction plasma system has been successfully used in the synthesis nanopowders.

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Demand for nano powders has given way to widespread research and Love me dating israel of a wide range of methods for nanometric powder preparation. The possibility of the axial feeding of precursors, being solid powders, or suspensions, liquids.

Induction plasma generated by high frequency discharge. In case the conductor is flowing gas, the gas is heated up to a high temperature and is ionized. Improve the powders flow-ability. These features of induction plasma technology, has found niche applications in industrial scale operation in the last decade.

Increase the powders packing density. In addition, advancements over the years have made induction plasma technology more efficient and reliable than ever before.

Standard examples of thermal plasma include high frequency induction discharge and DC arc discharge. A typical induction plasma nano-synthsize system for industrial application is shown below. Spheroidisation is a process of in-flight melting.

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Following are some typical materials spheroidized on Rf plasma synthesis scale. Eliminate powder internal cavities and fractures.

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The plasma thus produced is known as induction plasma or inductively coupled plasma. These droplets will be drastically cooled down when fly out of the plasma plume, because of the big temperature gradient exciting in the plasma. Figure 1 depicts the induction plasma produced by high-frequency discharge.

Because of non electrode problem, a wide Rf plasma synthesis chemistry selection is possible, i. Relatively large plasma volume. The photos of some nano-product from the same equipment are included. Induction Plasma Technology Depending on the overall temperature, plasma can be categorized into thermal plasma equilibrium plasma and cold plasma non-equilibrium plasma.

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Nowadays, we have been in a position to be able to numerate many examples of the industrial applications of induction plasma technology, such as, powder spheroidisation, nanosized powders synthesis, induction plasma spraying, waste treatments, etc. Easily interchangeable nozzle design helps in replacing nozzles of different configurations and diameters Solid torch body enclosing the induction coil eases manipulation during maintenance and certifies an optimum positioning of the coil during assembly Ceramic plasma confinement tube offers a high purity processing capability Variable position of the central injection probe provides optimum performance based on process requirements Different models of plasma torches have been developed by Tekna to meet different power supplies of various power, as shown in Table 1.

This feature overcomes the difficulty of exposing materials to the high temperature of plasma, from the high viscosity of high temperature of plasma.

The successful industrial application of induction plasma process depends largely on many fundamental engineering supports. Thermal plasma is produced at atmospheric pressure or higher.