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Today, Air Raiders are desirable to many die-hard toy collectors. However, because every Army Ant figure included a hard-to-find removable accessory unique to each figure, a removable soft abdomen, and a distinctive mold unique to each character, obtaining a complete Army Ants collection is quite challenging.

The non-poseable nature of the action figures may have caused retail sales of the toys to suffer when children could choose from a myriad of more popular, more malleable options at their local toy store. However, users are able to take control of these functions via the accompanied app that is available for both iOS and Android.

It also tracks the measurements of the plants, for example, LEAF can tell if the plants are low on nutrients and will dispense more from the cartridges pictured The app is also a gateway to an entire social network of other LEAF owners, where users can swap recipes and share videos of their plants.

The toy line was rounded out with a few other sub-collections such as the Shock Rocks, whose action feature was to… roll on the ground.

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This tertiary toy line only lasted one short year due to poor sales—yet the creepy vibe projected by the toy line and the accompanying animation may still haunt the dreams of many children of the 80s. Users can choose through various strains for their CannaCups such as sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD-only strains.

The great disappointment of the line was the action figure form of the four Earth Corps protagonists: But some action figures just didn't resonate—at least back then.

You are able to watch the entire growing process via the app, as the firm has equip the fridge with cameras that lets you live stream the environment and they also put together time lapse videos for easy viewing. The backstory of the action figure line reflected the narrative contained in the pages of the Marvel Comic series: These mutant anthropomorphized sheep and pigs were the result of a secret military experiment buried on their farm.

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Even the figures command decent money—more so if they are still sealed in their original packaging. With the assistance of the kindly Mutores, another subterranean population of powerful beings, the Earth Corps scientists defeat the sinister Inhumanoids. Regardless of price point, each action figure came with a host of weapons and accessories such as bandoliers, belts, pistols, rifles, swords, and shields and a unique insect companion with an action feature.

For many years, the Super Naturals figures were relegated to discount bins in secondary shops.

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For action figure collectors and devoted fans of rubber figurines such as M. The fridge monitors everything from lighting to pH of the soil to ventilation.

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Refrigerator dating expert has 45, action figures all of the pictures in this article were taken from his personal collection and he's taken every single one of them out of their boxes. They'll show the original prices slashed viciously.

Following 80s convention, in conjunction with the cartoon, Kenner Toys released a series of nine Karate Kommandos action figures: Without a motion picture or syndicated cartoon to drive sales, Air Raiders languished on retail toy shelves.

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The most popular of all the Super Naturals characters were the six large, standard-sized action figures. Coleco also sold higher-price point Dating websites free no registration action figure sets.


BY Mark Bellomo December 12, Many people of a certain age look back at the s as the golden age of toys. Each of these four larger sets included a humanoid Sectaurs figure accompanied by an oversized insect companion that was basically a hand-puppet.

Here are 12 rejected toys of the 80s that, in some cases, are now sought after by collectors.

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A heroic group of government-funded geological scientists—the Earth Corps—encounters three horrifying, giant subterranean monsters dubbed the Inhumanoids who wreak havoc on the surface of Earth: The cartoon tried to capitalize on the ninja craze of the mid-eighties, but Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommandos is remembered more for its unintentional comedy.

Eugene Tackleberry, the bellicose weapons expert; antagonistic martinet, Captain Thaddeus Harris; the tight-lipped, near-superhuman Sgt.

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Some started driving the tractors around like tanks, others started digging trenches. The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior Based on an issue Marvel Comics title produced inThe Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior yielded a series of odd-looking action figures produced by Remco—a company noted for producing low-quality yet charmingly cheap toys in the s.

Mark Bellomo is the author of Totally Tubular '80s Toys. Urchasepay omesay Arnyardbay Ommandoscay odaytay! There were two warring factions of Rock Lords from three different series of toy releases: Ofir did tell TechCrunch that they hope to lower the price and position the cartridges as the primary source of revenue — similar to how Keurig does their business.

Each pod is pre-ground cannabis flower that is sealed for locked in flavor, aroma and freshness.

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Packaged with removable cloaks, a single glow-in-the-dark sword, and a Super Naturals mini-comic, the eight Ghostlings were sold at a lower price point than the standard-sized figure. Or throw a rock. It is equip with carbon filters to neutralize odors and keep your home from smelling like the plant The system must be linked to a Wi-Fi connection in order to work properly, but is plugged into a traditional wall socket for power.

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