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And for employees, there's a nice ring to it. People are pointing to the model to talk about how we need to adapt how we work to the changes in banking.

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So, as with the client experience, how employees experience working at RBC is a key priority for us in terms of their engagement.

The bank is also focusing intensely on learning, she says. Each branch has appointed a digital navigator who I connect with.

He was able to meet with several senior leaders for mentorship, he adds. In coming years, it is likely to be a key model for the RBC branch workplace.

Now he is focusing on RBC's new leadership model, which itself takes account of the future of banking.

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The company's longstanding and continually evolving program supports a number of initiatives in the following areas: In Toronto, Vu cites the one at RBC WaterPark Place, an open-concept space where there are no teller wickets while digital pods and client advisors abound.

And as so many clients handle day-to-day banking on their smartphones, RBC recently introduced an artificial intelligence component to its mobile app that can give clients personalized insights into their finances and help them save. There are sub-themes that flesh this out.

This article was prepared with the financial support of the employer, which reviewed but did not write its contents. There are four themes -- driving to impact, adapting quickly and always Rbc online dating, unlocking the potential of our people, and speaking up for the good of RBC.


It's a recognition that jobs, workplaces and RBC itself are evolving quickly. Now, says Chief Human Resources Officer Helena Rbc online dating, the bank is building on successes like that with what is known as "design thinking" as it deals with the increasingly disruptive changes affecting the financial services industry.

That will then inform what we need to do and why. In three or five years, there's probably no job in the bank that will look or feel exactly the same, and we want our employees to be confident they can adapt. As the Manager of an RBC branch in Etobicoke, he is not only part of the evolution of familiar forms of neighbourhood banking, he is also a "digital champion", helping his colleagues in other locations bring in new technology.

As an example, Gottschling points to the idea of a new HR program that traditionally would have been conceived at a leadership level, subjected to focus groups, and rolled out to employees.

This allows Vu and his colleagues to focus on delivering advice and solutions to clients' more complex needs. A Professional Services Specialist who joined RBC in Toronto in after studies at Durham College, he has already seen how such cutting-edge elements as artificial intelligence are affecting his area, where he deals with managing and vetting contracts for the bank.


He again gained strong mentorship from senior leaders, he says. Vu says his own branch has also evolved.

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Employees are trained to enable clients to work with digital channels that allow them to fulfill more of their transactional needs on their own. Technology is also helping staff reduce the steps necessary for clients to complete services, such as mortgages and credit lines.

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