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Proper gooseneck hookup, will this fit?

He said that this was the fourth load of busted up concrete he hauled in it that week.

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Same goes for the sides This product fits perfectly, is super user friendly and seems to be very high Proper gooseneck hookup not to mention is considerably less than the ones with the "Ford" name on them. Came packaged in a very nice case for storage. Thanks for a great product and a reasonable price.

A very functional system, just a little cumbersome. And why is that cool lock pin feature handy?

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Up front you'll find the 14,lb rated coupler that is standard. Trailers are real hard to steal if they don't have a coupler. It added a few inches of overall length to give you more than enough room to your truck while turning, but it works perfectly.

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Features three welded trailer balls and a tow hook on a solid shank. It's strong, rugged AND flexible.

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When in rock gate mode, the heavy wall tube of the tail box structure AND the same heavy wall tube of the gate structure really show their stuff, yet it swings effortlessly open as the bed tilts up.

Jim from Sioux Falls South Dakota got his new 14' dump box for his roofing company as well. It will spend it's days hauling a mini excavator from site to site. Once the gates are locked open, they'll stay put while you tilt and dump.

I wanted a close up shot, so I found a naked unit waiting for coatings to get this detail shot of the center pivot 4. I said, here baby, hold this while I take a picture. The product itself has a case for storage but removing them each time and stowing them in a case is not nearly as convenient as the turn over ball.

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Spare tire mount included on all models. You simply swing the gates around and lock them open with our gate hooks. Kevin from Gentry Missouri added on a new 14' gooseneck dump box to his fleet from us as well.


Here it is in the lock position, holding the ramp inside of it's carrier. A full 52 degrees at full extension. The remote is also magnetic. Along the front and down both sides of the top of the box, we automatically install numerous stake pockets that will work in conjunction with the std corner brackets.