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The verve of his essay lay in Professor X's refusal to give in to the hypocrisy of the system that victimized him.

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Roth is the president of Wesleyan University and the author of the forthcoming "Memory, Trauma, and History: In fact, a supervisor once recommended he grade a little more harshly. Professor X was by his own account a student who loved to learn Free dating who developed the noble ambition to be a writer.

Inthere were 1. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Professor X can be caustic about the euphemism and somewhat willed optimism that sometimes befog discussion of how to teach unprepared students.

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Now he can really show somebody how hard writing is! No, Professor X really does love literature and writing, and he believes with admirable passion that learning to read and write is enormously fulfilling whatever your job may be.

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To him, the human cost is more conspicuous. April 17, By Michael S.

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Some are amusing, but after a while they leave a bad taste in the reader's mouth. With debts piling up and tensions mounting with his wife, X becomes a part-time teacher.

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The college location must be convenient so the student can balance their home, work, and school lives. Professor X, s is person I could relate to in this book.

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The glimpses into his successes in the classroom don't support his call for more restrictions on who should go to college, but it is moving to hear about those students who surprised him with their insights, honesty and desire to learn. The result is a volume with an embarrassing amount of rhetorical padding and an excruciating number of repetitions.

To his credit, he just wishes they cared more themselves. Instead, a college of convenience is preferred. Professor X teaches students who often lack the basic fundamentals required to Should a teacher be this condescending and still parade his virtuous upholding of true university standards?


In the Basement of the Ivory Tower At the colleges of last resort, the American ideal of equal opportunity for all meets the reality that not everyone is suited for higher education.

Higher education is seen as the means to a more professional job and, ultimately higher success. Upon learning of the study, The Boston Globe called for a campaign against student attrition.

The swear words that are in these chapters is just about what I would say and doI can just jump into book and play the part of Professor X and be him in classroom and teach students in class. He doesn't want to talk about race or class in his courses because these topics make him uncomfortable.