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Just email Peavey s Customer Service Department with your serial number and they ll reply with the manufacture year. You could put it on as thick as you wanted with no runs whatsoever, count to 10, then throw the thing on the floor and jump up and down on it.

The body carving machine was a CNC, or more accurately, computer-controlled machine.

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Those were the only dates that made any sense with the numbers contained in my serial because it was obviously not a or model. Peavey Guitars are electric, acoustic, and electric bass guitars branded by Peavey Electronics.

This is a picture of the only factory produced 3 pickup T ever made. The center guitar is a CT-B bass model. Although peavey serial number decoder integrates a quick way to navigate, with their own custom effects. Chip made these three guitars in two days in his carport at home to display at the show.

Since the T guitars were manufactured at the same time as the basses, the serial numbers are similar and were not separated between guitar and bass, just as they were produced. I tried to use the resources at the Gibson website but none of their info seemed to apply to my guitar.

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It was used to protect the bodies from scratches and dings while they were being transported around the factory. You can imagine how this made the competition scramble!

I was very confused but applying the different numbering systems and knowing that the guitar had to be a 90s or newer model because of the componants and hardware used,I was able to logically narrow it down to ,or It had a sanding device that was the exact size and shape of the cutters.

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This is a custom Vandenburg made for an endorsing artist. They gave me the dates of both my T and my. Even though my LPs birthday is not essential for me to know to love it and enjoy it, Dating questions to ask someone was still driving me crazy because I didn't know.

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Forty horsepower motors ran at 40, rpm to create the necks. During the last few years, I have received more than a few Ts that were the very first ones made on the gunstock carving machine and the Ekstrom-Carlson router, before production was even in sight.

Write down the serial number, which consists of some letters followed by a set of numbers. This is a display case which is still somewhere at Peavey. Hartley quickly decided that it was in the financial best interest of the company to switch to pennies!

Using this method, the paint misted out of the gun, and literally wrapped itself around the guitar body. Chip just received it "out of the blue" one day in the mail. Charlie Gressett Chip's best man and best friend in life was the third employee that Chip hired.

Many companies wondered how Peavey had created and applied them.

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Through a series of events Chip was able to acquire some of these pieces. This is a non official prototype of a Peavey Les Paul. Charley's new position was the only QC position in the company. He was a guitar player that lived near Meridian Mississippi.

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I've been told that these are pretty accurate. After an unenthusiastic response to using a machine designed to produce captains chairs, Chip convinced Hartley to employ a gun stock carving machine to make necks. This enabled Peavey to electro-statically spray the bodies. Hartley also hired the best transfer expert in the country to come give a class on the production method for producing the transfers.

When the first carved samples came in, they quickly discovered that once the torsion rod was tightened up it pulled the hook right through the wood or in some cases, straightened the hook out.