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Of course I then took 3 days in replaying to make him understand he is no longer a priority and I was again very casual in emailing him back 2 lines…I might have pushed him away when he reached out, YES, but I felt here is a guy who needs to work a little harder IF he wants to be in touch again bc he showed no respect for me w so many invitations to only treat me w a disappearing act, including that Megadinner to celebrate my exam that never happened This is the classic Mr.

I would give him some chances without changing my plans for him.

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However, a study showed that out of 1, people, just four percent agreed with this. Tom needs to prove first to Grace her that he is worth to spend time with and better than other men. I am a bit busy during this time, how is studying going on?

From my experience if a guy is interested he makes the time and calls or sends a text, not ignore you. A little harmless banter can have the desired effect but anything more than that can send the wrong message. Yasemin Turkell July 13, I think Grace can continue enjoying herself in her life without contacting Tom again.

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Although most participants agreed that replying to a message immediately made yourself too available, they thought that a day was too long to wait to reply.

A lot of men like a challenge, hence why playing it cool is a much more effective method of forming an emotional connection with them. While studies have shown Online dating playing it cool this can increase desire, it can also backfire. I wonder bc is that curiosity that is back on my head some time…he had been calling me and chasing me almost although he never set up a date WHY?

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Please Give Me Your Feedback! Thanks for all your work and emails, Marni, excellent work, I have learnt so much from your Dating Den!

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I put a stop to two mths of texting he initiated mostly but wasnt taking it any where…. I love reading this article.

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I love seeing more passionate women about their lives and about what they are doing! He returned a v complementary text back.

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If he ever does I would be cotious to except his offer right away. This is what I am thinking. But he did not. We all post on FB about our lives so this will give Tom an understanding of what Grace is like, if he is interested he will reach out if not nothing lost.

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I would not change my plans for him yet. Julie July 13, Excellent information. Research has shown that in relationships, clingy behaviour, especially in the early stages, is a huge turn off. Sometimes it is hard to tell when you start out as just friends then feelings change and not sure if did too much perusing as a friend and now have to back off and see what is really transpiring Char July 13, She reached out to Tom twice without any response soin my opinion, I think that she should wait.

Keep up the good work!